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new work : cinque terre horizons

A few years ago, for my husband’s 30th birthday, I surprised him with a trip to Cinque Terre. We had this little apartment with a rooftop deck that had the most incredible view. We went to a little deli and bought all sorts of tasty treats to eat and drink on our little rooftop so we could enjoy the view as much as possible while we were there.

The horizon gave us so many beautiful color schemes, sunrises and sunsets and made that trip absolutely unforgettable. I’ve been wanting to paint them since then, and like the Playa collection, I wanted to focus on minimalism with watercolor.

These prints will only be available on and you can snag them here.

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“Playa Seven” wall tapestries in Target!!

Well hello lovelies!!

Headed to Target this weekend?!

“Playa Seven” was chosen to be part of a Limited Edition Collection in TARGET and on!

I’m so freaking excited!! AND they’re only $25!!




With so much love and gratitude,


Emily <3

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new work : afterburn

nature art, landscape art, mountain art

“Afterburn” is inspired by the greys of the forest after a summer of forest fires in Northwest Montana.

landscape art, nature art, mountain art
“Afterburn” Original Artwork by Emily Magone


60″ x 48″

Acrylic on canvas

© Emily Magone

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new work : luscious

lavender art, lilac art, watercolor flower art


My most favorite flower and fragrance.

My grandparents had two huge lilac bushes in their yard and I would sit in between them for hours playing in the dirt.

Lilacs everywhere, forever <3

lavender art, lavender painting, watercolor flowers


8.5″ x 11.5″

Watercolor on Yupo

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Playa Series by Emily Magone Receives Minted Awards

Holy crap! I woke up Saturday morning to an email from Minted that I had received NINE awards in their latest Art Challenge!  The entire Playa Series, as well as Leo Constellation were picked up to be run as Limited Edition Prints through!

leo art, zodiac art, constellation art
“Leo” Original Artwork by Emily Magone

I’m so excited and grateful! I can’t wait to see more of my work in their beautiful frames!

I will update you lovelies as soon as the prints are available for purchase in my shop on Minted 🙂



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When the wave hits, you gotta ride it

bird art, bird painting, dove art, raven art, hummingbird art
So sometimes I will go through a phase of preferring to do admin stuff (marketing, researching, the like) and sometimes I will go through a phase of constant painting. The last couple of weeks has been one of those phases and it has been a good one.  Much to come on the new work front, and I’m REALLY enjoying a bird-crazy commission piece I’m working on right now as well.

What about you other creative business owners? Do you love both aspects of the job as much as I do?