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Part 5: DRAW THE MAP & GET TO WORK | Permission Granted : How to Create the Life You Want to Live

Once you can see the dream, you have to plan the route to get there.

Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you have to plot every last detail rightthisminute. That doesn’t work anyway. But you need to know what you want to move toward.

In order to move forward, we must take the actual steps. What those steps are will depend entirely on what your dream looks like.

Not one successful person woke up where they are now. They started from the beginning. So we’re going to work backwards here.

What is your dream?

What do you fantasize about doing?

What do you want to be known for?

What do you want to spend your life doing and would still do even if you had endless money? Can you see it?

Now, what steps do you need to take to get there?

What is the FIRST step? It doesn’t have to be huge! It can be one little thing that you can do RIGHT NOW to get even an inch closer to your goal.

And if you haven’t already, this means it’s time to…

get organized.

There are a ton out there, but I’m going to recommend my #1 favorite organizational tool of all time; the Passion Planner by Angelia Trinidad. (This is not an advertisement, I’m just deeply obsessed with the Passion Planner and the impact it has had on my life.)


This amazing, supple book, when used correctly, will turn you into a productivity powerhouse. For real.

You can plot your entire LIFE in this thing and you will get. shit. DONE.

Click here to explore the epicness that is the Passion Planner!

Until your planner arrives, (you can also print out the free PDFs while you wait!) …

What can you do RIGHT NOW that will move you one step closer to your goal than you were yesterday?

What are some things you can stop buying? (lattes, meals out, impulsive purchases, etc.)

What distracts you and wastes your time? (scrolling on social media, dramatic/negative friends/family, etc.)

What is your current morning routine? What is your IDEAL morning routine?

How about your ideal day? Write it down, from when you wake up until you go to bed.

Once you have a visual of your plan, it is time to get to work.

Visualization leads to manifestation. But not without putting in the work in the meantime.


The thing isn’t going to be easy.
The thing will require sacrificedisciplinesweat and tears.
The thing will require commitmentpassion and patience.
The thing will require focus & consistency.

The one and only way to get the thing is daily action.

You can’t just visualize and dream about the thing.

You have to work on moving toward the thing every single day.

If you miss a day, you check yourself and get back to it the next day.

All WHILE visualizing the thing, and thinking about how amazing you’re going to feel when you have the thing.

When you take consistent baby steps toward the thing, you cannot help but end up at the thing.

This means you have to SHOW UP. To the easel, to the table, to the desk. To wherever it is that you get the shit done that needs to get done to get closer to the thing.
It took me awhile to get a handle on this one.
As you creatives know, sometimes you feel the need to ‘wait for inspiration’ to create.
Try ignoring that, and just show up.
This requires discipline.

Self-discipline is hard.

Trust me, I know.
You want to know the trick to self-discipline?
A serious schedule.
Now, I’m not talking about a schedule that’s all packed with a bunch of the bullshit I was talking about purging in the last section.
I’m talking about a schedule that is written in accordance with your goals.

As in, you schedule your priorities FIRST and everything else either falls in line or falls OFF the schedule. No excuses.


The Schedule to Get to the Thing is an epic level game changer. But it isn’t enough just to make the schedule.
You have to implement the schedule. You have to stick to it. You have to COMMIT.
Because committing to the schedule is committing to The Thing.

And committing to The Thing is committing to yourself, your dreams, your goals…to your ideal life.


You just read a sample of Permission Granted : How to Create the Life You Want to Live. You can download the entire eBook for free below!

Download the FREE eBook here!

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Part 4: MAKE ROOM | Permission Granted : How to Create the Life You Want to Live

So now that you know your thing – or at least know that you want to figure out your thing  – how bad do you want it?
How bad do you want to wake up every day EXCITED about what lies ahead?
How bad do you want to be living the dream?
YOUR dream?
Seriously, how bad?
Are you willing to give some shit up? To make some sacrifices? Take some risks?

Your dream won’t become reality overnight.
It won’t appear as a result of endless hoping.
It won’t become reality by talking about it.
It will take discipline and sacrifice.
It will take commitment and scheduling of your time.
It will take CONSISTENT effort and hard work.

And that means cutting some bullshit out of your current lifestyle and routine.
You must declutter your life and make ROOM for the awesomeness.
What that means will be specific to you.

We all have the same 24 hours to work with.

It could be that you need to remove some negative, angry, toxic or dramatic people from your life.
If you can’t remove them, minimize contact as much as you can to decrease the influence of their grey cloud of doom and chaos on your energy and life. And do not feel guilty about it.

It could be that you need to physically get organized. Time spent looking for shit is time wasted. If you don’t know how to go about that, I bet you know someone who is an organizational nerd – beg them to teach you the way. They love to organize shit for people. Trust me, I’m one of them.

It could be that you’re spread too thin and need to learn to say no. If you’re spending any of your precious time doing something you don’t look forward to and it isn’t required for any reason, then quit that shit.

It could be that you need to get your finances organized. Quit being impulsive and buying useless shit for yourself and others.  Quit feeling like you have to buy every person you know birthday and Christmas presents every year if you can’t actually afford it. Just tell them you love them, make them dinner…it’ll be alright.

Figure out where your money is going and where it could stop going. Every dollar spent on frivolous shit could be funding your dream.

This book changed my life, and finally made me feel in control of my finances. Pick it up and implement the system, you’ll feel much better.


It could be that you need to get your health in order. It’s truly amazing how the simple acts of eating well and daily exercise will change your life.

Quality over quantity – this applies to most of the important things in life. Relationships, time, food…the list goes on.

Whatever it is in your life that’s sucking up your time and brain power in a negative way, work on getting rid of it. That is time and brain power that could be fueling your dream.

Are you a talker, a dreamer, a thinker, a visionary? Awesome.

But are you also a DOER?

Because no one else is going to do this shit for you.

You literally and figuratively cannot rely on anyone else to create the life you want or to bring you the happiness that would come with living your dream.

Other people contribute in many ways, but you are ultimately responsible for your life.  No one else.
No one is working to make your dreams come true, they are working on their own dreams.

You have to take the action. YOU.

There are many potential obstacles and just as many potential solutions to what could be blocking you from taking action.


Some helpful questions to ask yourself, depending on your situation:

Can you work part-time?

How about if you make a strict budget and cut some of the afore-mentioned shit out? Then could you work part time?

If you’re a couple, can you make it on one income temporarily?

Can you move somewhere with a lower cost of living?

Can you share living expenses with a friend in a similar situation?

Can you hang with your parents or a sibling/family member for awhile?

Think about long term happiness and what kind of sacrifices are possible and worth it for you.

But remember, it is YOU that has to make the decisions and sacrifices necessary to create your ideal life.

YOU are responsible for your own happiness and life.




You just read a sample of Permission Granted : How to Create the Life You Want to Live. You can download the entire eBook for free below!

Download the FREE eBook here!

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It’s up to you

It’s up to you to do whatever it takes to get to your dream.


You have to be the one that makes time, you have to be the one to prioritize, you have to be the one to take action.

No one else is going to do it for you.


You have to DO the thing if you want the Thing.

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find your focus.

*a follow-up to this post about time management!

I set aside the last week of December to hash out ALL my goals and my plans to reach them in 2017 and beyond.


With piles and stacks of notebooks, scratch paper, eNotes and the like, I started to categorize it all under the two main goals (income and reach).

Once I did this, it was super easy to take each little note, blurb and hastily scratched out idea and put it where it belonged in the greater scheme of the main goals, or if it belonged in the trash.

Setting the two main annual goals then allowed me to break everything down into what needed to be done per quarter, per month, and per week.


Everything was then written into the Passion Planner and/or Lisa Jacob’s Your Best Year business planner. So with room for adjustment and unexpecteds of course, the entire year is a map to the main goals.

Now that I’m a couple of weeks in on the plan, things are going really well. Productivity has definitely increased, and I feel so much more relaxed about ALL THE THINGS THERE ARE TO DO because all the things that need to happen to accomplish the goals are specific, broken down to task, and scheduled according to quarter, month and week.

Everything has it’s place in the rank of priorities, and everything that needs to be handled will be handled.

This is the most control of the overwhelm I’ve ever felt.

This is also the most focused I’ve ever felt. It’s taken me a long time to be able to really be present in any given moment, but a commitment to daily meditation has really made some huge impacts in my life – the ability to be fully present being one of them.

But the message here is that YOU have to take control of where you’re focusing your energy if you want to get to the Thing.


You literally and figuratively cannot rely on anyone else to create the life you want or to bring you happiness. Others can contribute in many ways, but you are responsible for your life. No one else.


No one is working to make your dreams come true.

You have to take the action.


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Yes, You DO Have Time

Don’t think that 10 or 15 minutes isn’t enough.

Don’t underestimate what you can accomplish in even a few minutes.

If you spend just 15 minutes working toward a goal and checking something off the List of Shit I Need to Do to Get the Thing,  it would total 7.5 hours in a month.

That’s a whole day of work put toward what you WANT to be doing with your life.

What are you doing with that time now? Checking your Facebook? Refreshing your email?

Put it to WORK.

Those minutes add up, and over time, that is how you get the thing.


You’re never going to have a “chunk of free time” long enough to do all the things you need to do.

You have to take baby steps where you can fit them in.


Diving into fulfilling all of the dream all at once was not an option for me, and I’m sure it’s not for you, either. There are bills to pay and shit.

That is why you have to be very particular about how you spend your minutes.

Each one of them can either get you closer to the thing, or it can keep you in the same place.

The choice is yours: What are you going to do with your minutes?


Now, I want to hear from you.

What are some baby steps that you take every day to get closer to your goals and ideal life?

Share in the comments, or send me an email at!


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How to Double Your Productivity in a Week

Wasting time makes me crazy. Perpetually late people, sitting in traffic, small talk. BULLSHIT.

I like to accomplish as much as possible every day.  Don’t worry, sometimes REST is in the Passion Planner and I accomplish the shit out of that too.

Btw, I effing LOVE planners.  I get super pumped in December when it’s time to get the next year’s.  A few years ago, I got turned on to the Passion Planner. LIFE CHANGING, is what this magical little book is. This year, I got the gold limited edition one and it’s dope as shit. I could rave on for days but I’ll spare you. Just do yourself a favor and get one if you haven’t already.

So back to the lecture at hand…I thought I had my schedule locked down pretty well. Until I was watching this guy a few weeks ago.  (Brendon Burchard, if you haven’t heard of him, has got some shit figured out.)

He was raving about the 50-minute schedule. Breaking up your day into 50 minute increments. Scheduling your main priorities for the day into their blocks first, second level priorities next, and so on.  And then sticking to it.

But how helpful could it really be? I mean, I’m always doing something, so that means I’m constantly getting shit done, right?

But I’m a sucker for gaining minutes, so I readjusted my schedule, curious if it would help.

By day three my mind was blown.

I was finishing every day feeling legitimately accomplished. NOT feeling rushed or that the days were screaming past and I needed more hours.

Knowing that each task had its time allowed me to be present.

Rather than having my mind half on the task and half on other things, not knowing which I should be focusing on first.

When you schedule your day and assign all the things their own time slot, and then stick to it, it’s impossible to not make progress on each of the things that you wanted to.

My top priorities are studio time (progression of goals) and workout time (self-care).

Self-care is taking care of your physical and mental health. If you aren’t taking care of yourself, who the fuck is going to? And how are you going to take care of anyone else that needs you?

Schedule your exercise.

Schedule your meal planning.

Get your groceries delivered. That shit is cheap and SO worth the time saved.

Workout at home if you can. Waste less time in your car and less money on gas (and gym membershits).

Do the things you need to do to stay healthy.

If you’re currently working for someone else, block out the time that you aren’t slaving for the man to make sure you’re getting what you need.

Here’s an example of my current (2016) weekday schedule. Not all of my increments are a strict 50 minutes. Some tasks don’t require that much time, and some take a little more.

Clearly, if you have kids or aren’t working for yourself, this schedule will be a joke to you. So take the hours that you do have for yourself and schedule them accordingly.

9-9:20  Stretch, Drink Water, Meditate

9:20-9:50  Breakfast, Listening (to any webinars, podcasts, courses, etc.), Respond to important messages

9:50-10:40  Studio


10:40-11:30  Studio

11:30-12:30  Lunch with the husband

12:30-1:20  Studio


1:20-2:10 Studio

2:10-3:20 Workout, Shower, Brainstorm

3:20-5:00 Marketing/Business Development Tasks


5:00-6:30 Dinner with the husband

6:30-7:30 Relax with the husband

7:30-9:30 Admin/Digital work, Social Media Posting

Screens off for sleepy time.


Yours will probably look different.

But think about it.

What does your dream schedule look like?

Write it out, right now. If you had complete control over all of your hours.

What would you spend them doing?

What are your top priorities?

What are you doing during the day that isn’t getting you any closer to your goals?

Stop doing that.

Use that time for things that WILL get you closer to your goals.

And for real. Get yourself a Passion Planner.


What are your best time management tips?

What is something that you are aching to do that you don’t feel you have time for?

Tell me in the comments 🙂

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Welcome to Bound!

I’m Emily – an artist, writer and hardcore introvert with an overly expressive face.

I also swear sometimes. Just a heads up.

I’m living the dream. My dream.

By that I mean, making my own schedule and doing what I love every single day.

But I didn’t get here overnight.

It was (and is) a long and windy road full of struggle, fear, doubt, anxiety and everything else that comes with entrepreneurship.

And I can’t tell you how WORTH IT the struggle is.

I want to inspire and guide you to live your dream, whatever your dream might look like.


To inspire you to live as the best version of yourself.

To maximize your potential.

I believe that to reach maximum potential you have to find… your Thing.

The thing that makes you come alive.

Your Thing is something you’ve always known.


Something that has been there since the beginning.

Something that you’ve never been able to ignore.

Something you’re bound to.




: inseparably connected with

Once we figure out that the thing is the thing…well,

…pursuing it means you’re tapping into who nature intended you to be.


And that is when we truly shine.

That is when we change the world.


Because the more effort we put in to being our highest selves, the better the world is.

I want to help you get from here to there.


I want to talk about your dreams, your goals, your calling.

I want to talk about the big picture, the struggles, the hardcore doubt and fear that can cripple your progress.

And I want to talk about how to overcome it.

I’ll share inspiration, stories, and lessons I learned the hard way.

I’ll tell you your potential is only as limited as you believe it is.

I’ll give you actionable steps to living an awesome and aligned life.


A life that looks exactly like you want it to.

A life that looks like it’s meant to.


Let’s do this.

Your precious minutes are flying by, what are you waiting for?