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Part 6: KNOW THYSELF, GROW THYSELF | Permission Granted : How to Create the Life You Want to Live

Do you know yourself? Do you LOVE yourself?
This is very important, and you musn’t forget.
The essence of The Thing is YOU.
The real, authentic you.
The Thing can only come into the world through YOU. Otherwise the Thing wouldn’t be in YOUR mind, it would be in someone else’s.
Remember in the first section when I talked about listening?
That is the key to everything – to LISTEN to your higher Self. To your gut, to your intuition, to your instinct, whatever you want to call her.
She is YOU.  Channel her.

Tap into her, get to know her, feel her …become her.

This is going to look different for everyone. This can be a spiritual thing, an intellectual thing, a physical exploration thing, a solo-traveling thing…it depends on who you are and what you’re into.

Make Self-love and personal growth a priority – schedule it in.

And know that it’s always ongoing, always. This isn’t something that anyone else can do for you, you have to do this for yourself.

My inward journey has been all of the above with an emphasis on nature – travel, crystals, moon cycles and such. I share all of my favorite resources and more on the last page of this book.

The point is to focus on being YOUR best Self and seeking clarity around what that looks like for you – everything else, including your relationships, will fall into alignment.

The better you know your Self, the more confident, authentic, courageous, motivated and powerful you are. And that is good for EVERYONE, because…

you being your best Self makes the world better.

Can you imagine if every woman on Earth were constantly moving toward maximum potential? What an incredible world we could create!


You just read a sample of Permission Granted : How to Create the Life You Want to Live. You can download the entire eBook for free below!

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Love thyself.

We MUST take care of ourselves.


Nurture ourselves.

LISTEN to ourselves, to what our mind and body needs.

Establish a ritual of self-care.


This can look a million different ways. But carve out the time in your day, even if it’s just 15 minutes.

Read a book, drink some tea, meditate, cast a spell, set some intentions, cuddle your pet, whatever does it for you.

Whatever gets you in the zone of calm, the zone of joy.


Doing it first thing in the morning is ideal for me, because it sets the tone for my whole day.

But that might not work for you. Figure out what will.

What matters is that you do it.

Taking care of yourself will allow you to put your best self into the world.


And that is what the world needs.

Your BEST self.



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savor this moment

You know those moments when you feel like you’re on top of the world?

When everything is amazing, and you can’t believe how abundant and incredible your life is?

When you realize that your current surroundings and circumstances are (almost) exactly what you have been fantasizing about for years, if not better?

(Hint: That is manifestation at work)

It’s an amazing feeling, no question.

So what I need you to do when you have one of those moments, is to WRITE IT DOWN.


Write down how awesome everything is. How abundant your life is.

Because there are going to be those moments when you feel like shit.

When you feel like nothing is going right.

When you’re just having a sad, shitty, doomy gloomy moment.

Write it down so you can tap into that energy again, and remember how epic your life is.


How grateful you are for everything and everyone around you.

Because that is the vibration that will keep all that good shit coming.



Questions? Comments? Stories or examples of this working in YOUR life?

Share them below!

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