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How did I become an Artist, you ask?

I get this question a lot. Here’s the long version 😉

I spent a large part of my childhood with my grandparents, and they were both makers. I would hang with my Papa in the wood shop, my Gram in the craft/sewing room, and both of them in their epic flower and vegetable gardens.

My Gram’s crafts of choice were quilting, knitting, and crocheting. She would crochet extravagant bridal gowns for Barbies with the tiniest crochet needles on earth.  She taught me to embroider, cross-stitch, needle-hook, sew, puff paint, all sorts of things, but when I smeared my first creamy dollop of rich, vibrant paint, the love truly began.

I started with craft paint, switched to oils at 8 or so, then to acrylics, gouache and watercolor in high school. I still experiment with new mediums all the time, but acrylic is the basis of my work.

As a kid, I had every episode of Bob Ross (WOOT WOOT) recorded on VHS and that’s mostly how I learned. I would look at things in terms of how I would paint it and what brushes I would use to create it.

In junior high and high school, I had wonderful art teachers that took note of my interest and skills and gave me the tools and room to develop them. I always wanted to be an Artist ‘when I grew up’ and was accepted into several art schools in the US and abroad, but was never able to make it work financially.

I thought art wasn’t meant to be anything more than a lifelong hobby, and pursued other passions in college and grad school – human services and nonprofit leadership.

I spent nearly 10 years managing fundraising campaigns and events for various nonprofits, working in hospice, working with Seattle organisations to combat homelessness, and had a brief stint in the Peace Corps.

I never stayed in one place for long, as I always became quickly unsatisfied with either the work itself, or the inefficient/ineffective leadership.

When my husband’s military career took us overseas, there was very limited opportunity for work in my field, or in any other field. Shout out to my fellow spouses – the career sacrifices are real and appreciated.

It was a very hard pill to swallow to realize I was in a situation that was forcing me to depend on my husband financially. Dependence is not my style.

While I was having a panic-filled breakdown and career identity crisis, I also recognized that it could be my opportunity to see what could happen if I started my art business.

I took a low-paying job on the base that was loosely related to my experience, and began building my Etsy shop and website every spare minute I had.

I had recently taken a silk painting class with Christine Sutherland in Phoenix, Arizona before we left for the UK, and I loved it. So aside from the few originals and prints I had, my Etsy shop was mostly filled with handpainted silk pillows, scarves and neckties.

Within 6 months of launch, I was making half of what I was making at the day job, and within a year I put in my notice so I could give my business my full attention.

There has been much fear, struggle and self-doubt along the way, and it’s a constant learning process, but there is nothing that makes me feel more aligned with the universe than creating.

Plus running my own business suits me perfectly. It can be and become absolutely anything that I can imagine.

There are no limits, except ones I place upon myself.

I can’t imagine ever going back to work for someone else, it would crush my soul.

Had we not been stationed overseas and I been put in such a situation, I don’t know if I would’ve ever had the courage to take that leap. The isolation was incredible for my personal growth as well as the development of my work and business.

We travelled all over Europe and beyond, absorbing natural and man-made beauty, delicious food and collecting gorgeous art. I’m so grateful for those 4 years abroad, for so many reasons!

It was during this period that I really focused my work on nature as well.

I choose to paint nature because there is truly nothing more amazing and magical to me.

I was fortunate to grow up in an incredibly gorgeous area of the world, and my surroundings greatly influenced my work and still do. When I travel, I seek epic natural beauty, and I’ve been moved to tears so many times in so many places. I try to convey those feelings I have in those places with my work – the calm, the rush, the peace, the joy, the epicness. We all need more nature in our lives. <3

My abstract work comes from a love of color and texture and allowing materials to behave and interact organically. The experimentation with my abstract work has led to many of the techniques I use in my nature work.

What has developed over time is this ethereal world of nature as it might be without humans.

While the handpainted silks – the Lyric Scarves in particular – were the foundation of my business at first, I’ve slowly phased most of them out in order to spend more time on paintings. Today, my shop consists of Original paintings, lyric scarves, prints and the luxurious items they are printed on, such as leggings and pillows.

It’s been a crazy amazing journey since Gram handed me that first paintbrush. I wouldn’t change a moment of it. I’m so grateful and excited about what the universe has in store!

Emily is an Artist, entrepreneur, and ambitious introvert who had to rethink her career plans when she married a military man.  She wrote Permission Granted to lift other purpose-driven women up on the journey to creating their ideal lives. 

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savor this moment

You know those moments when you feel like you’re on top of the world?

When everything is amazing, and you can’t believe how abundant and incredible your life is?

When you realize that your current surroundings and circumstances are (almost) exactly what you have been fantasizing about for years, if not better?

(Hint: That is manifestation at work)

It’s an amazing feeling, no question.

So what I need you to do when you have one of those moments, is to WRITE IT DOWN.

Write down how awesome everything is. How abundant your life is.

Because there are going to be those moments when you feel like shit.

When you feel like nothing is going right.

When you’re just having a sad, shitty, doomy gloomy moment.

Write it down so you can tap into that energy again, and remember how epic your life is.

How grateful you are for everything and everyone around you.

Because that is the vibration that will keep all that good shit coming.

Questions? Comments? Stories or examples of this working in YOUR life?

Share them below!

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Emily is an Artist, entrepreneur, and ambitious introvert who had to rethink her career plans when she married a military man.  She wrote Permission Granted to lift other purpose-driven women up on the journey to creating their ideal lives. 

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Yes, You DO Have Time

Don’t think that 10 or 15 minutes isn’t enough.

Don’t underestimate what you can accomplish in even a few minutes.

If you spend just 15 minutes working toward a goal and checking something off the List of Shit I Need to Do to Get the Thing,  it would total 7.5 hours in a month.

That’s a whole day of work put toward what you WANT to be doing with your life.

What are you doing with that time now? Checking your Facebook? Refreshing your email?

Put it to WORK.

Those minutes add up, and over time, that is how you get the thing.

You’re never going to have a “chunk of free time” long enough to do all the things you need to do.

You have to take baby steps where you can fit them in.

Diving into fulfilling all of the dream all at once was not an option for me, and I’m sure it’s not for you, either. There are bills to pay and shit.

That is why you have to be very particular about how you spend your minutes.

Each one of them can either get you closer to the thing, or it can keep you in the same place.

The choice is yours: What are you going to do with your minutes?

Now, I want to hear from you.

What are some baby steps that you take every day to get closer to your goals and ideal life?

Share in the comments, or send me an email at!


Emily is an Artist, entrepreneur, and ambitious introvert who had to rethink her career plans when she married a military man.  She wrote Permission Granted to lift other purpose-driven women up on the journey to creating their ideal lives. 

Download the FREE eBook here!

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Why Following Your Calling is the Best Thing You Can Do for the World

You want to save the world, don’t you.

And if you can’t save it, you want to at least change it for the better.

I feel you.

I used to think the best way to do this was via degrees in human services and nonprofit leadership, a stint in the Peace Corps, and various other direct service roles.

While I cannot express enough love and gratitude for those years, I never found a situation in which I was fulfilled.

It always came back to the art.

Since the first time I squeezed paint out of a tube with my tiny toddler hands.

It’s never left.

The many attempts at funding art school failed, leaving me to think that wasn’t what I was supposed to be doing with my life after all.

So into the rat race I dove, only painting when I wasn’t hammering out 30-page papers while pounding red bull and crying.

Fast forward 7 years, and I’m a blissed out newlywed living in the desert and dealing with the single most wretched disaster of a boss that I’ve ever had.

Like, holy fuck. This guy. I started to think that my friend Garland was right 5 years before…maybe I wasn’t meant to work for other people.

So one day I get home after my hour commute into the sun across the 50-shades-of-brown city that is Phoenix…I can’t get my pants off and pour that wine fast enough.

Husband rolls in looking like we just won the fucking lottery.

“We’re moving to England, baby!”

I scream/wail/collapse into sobbing tears of pure unadulterated joy for 20 minutes.

Ugly crying. Seriously.

Get to England, find myself in a situation with zero opportunity to work in my field.

Ok, universe. I get it.

Thank you.

Opened shop in 2012 and will never look back.

I know this seems like I’m getting off track. But I had to give you a bit of the back story.

It was a scary-ass decision to allow myself to be dependent on my husband while I was making the transition to running my own shit. But given the situation, it was a no-brainer.

And now, life is epic as fuck, for both of us.

I’m living my dream.

And being in this state of mind for the past few years has made me realize that this is how we’re meant to feel.  We’re not meant to be miserable and feel lost for our whole lives.

We’re meant to listen to that calling.

Whatever it is.

Because if we have something in us at the soul level, it was put there for a reason.

It was put there because you are meant to bring that thing into the world.

Changing the world in a way that only you can.

Isn’t that the most epic way to honor your soul?

To thank the universe?

To pursue your calling to the best of your ability?

Imagine what you could achieve when you are moving with the universe instead of against it.

Imagine what ripples you could start by unburying the treasures that live inside you.

Your potential is unlimited.

The more of you maximizing your potential and fulfilling your purpose, the more light you emit.

The more happiness.

The more joy, the more love you are bringing into the world.

You want to change the world? Listen to your calling.

So tell me in the comments below.

What is it? What is your thing?

The thing that has been patiently (or not so patiently) been living in you for longer than you can remember?

Are you listening to it?

I want to know.

Emily is an Artist, entrepreneur, and ambitious introvert who had to rethink her career plans when she married a military man.  She wrote Permission Granted to lift other purpose-driven women up on the journey to creating their ideal lives. 

Download the FREE eBook here!

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Welcome to Bound!

I’m Emily – an artist, writer and hardcore introvert with an overly expressive face.

I also swear sometimes. Just a heads up.

I’m living the dream. My dream.

By that I mean, making my own schedule and doing what I love every single day.

But I didn’t get here overnight.

It was (and is) a long and windy road full of struggle, fear, doubt, anxiety and everything else that comes with entrepreneurship.

And I can’t tell you how WORTH IT the struggle is.

I want to inspire and guide you to live your dream, whatever your dream might look like.


To inspire you to live as the best version of yourself.

To maximize your potential.

I believe that to reach maximum potential you have to find… your Thing.

The thing that makes you come alive.

Your Thing is something you’ve always known.


Something that has been there since the beginning.

Something that you’ve never been able to ignore.

Something you’re bound to.




: inseparably connected with

Once we figure out that the thing is the thing…well,

…pursuing it means you’re tapping into who nature intended you to be.


And that is when we truly shine.

That is when we change the world.


Because the more effort we put in to being our highest selves, the better the world is.

I want to help you get from here to there.


I want to talk about your dreams, your goals, your calling.

I want to talk about the big picture, the struggles, the hardcore doubt and fear that can cripple your progress.

And I want to talk about how to overcome it.

I’ll share inspiration, stories, and lessons I learned the hard way.

I’ll tell you your potential is only as limited as you believe it is.

I’ll give you actionable steps to living an awesome and aligned life.


A life that looks exactly like you want it to.

A life that looks like it’s meant to.


Let’s do this.

Your precious minutes are flying by, what are you waiting for?