The Empowered Woman’s Guide to Essential Oils


A cheatsheet for leveling up using nature’s goodness!

A gift for you, painted and created by yours truly <3


You can do this based on need, or based on aroma.
A mixture of both is inevitable.

On your skin, in a diffuser, in your cooking, in your cleaning supplies, in your beauty products, in your spell casting – your method will depend on the oil and on your need at the time.

Oils are personal. Something that smells terrible to someone else might smell amazing to you, maybe because you need it!

Well hello, fellow nature lover.

Life is chaotic. You’re running all day doing all the things, and at the end of the day you want to come home to a relaxing space that’s a reflection of who you are and how you want to feel. When you travel, you seek epic natural beauty. When you have a day off, you head for the outdoors. You seek places with the fewest people so that you can really hear the water moving, the breeze blowing, and birds singing.

I grew up surrounded by nature, and I have been painting that nature since I was 6. I love every bit of it. We need it. It is healing, soothing and connects every living thing. I joyously pour that love and connection into every painting I create.

I know how important it is to come home to a soothing space, so I’ve invited nature in. When you choose things to adorn your home and body, you choose things that are an expression of who you are.



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