The Crystal Reference Guide for the Empowered Woman


A gem lover’s cheat-sheet to maximize your badassery!

A gift for you, painted and created by yours truly <3

Let your intuition guide you here. The ones you need will usually let you know.

Mild soap and water or a salt bath will do the trick.

By simply setting them in the sun for a day.

Program each crystal by holding it and setting your intention. Visualize your energy flowing into the crystal and working with the energy of the crystal to manifest your intention.



Well hello, fellow nature lover.

Life is chaotic. You’re running all day doing all the things, and at the end of the day you want to come home to a relaxing space that’s a reflection of who you are and how you want to feel. When you travel, you seek epic natural beauty. When you have a day off, you head for the outdoors. You seek places with the fewest people so that you can really hear the water moving, the breeze blowing, and birds singing.

I grew up surrounded by nature, and I have been painting that nature since I was 6. I love every bit of it. We need it. It is healing, soothing and connects every living thing. I joyously pour that love and connection into every painting I create.

I know how important it is to come home to a soothing space, so I’ve invited nature in. When you choose things to adorn your home and body, you choose things that are an expression of who you are.



These files are for PERSONAL USE ONLY. You can print this PDF for yourself or use the print as a gift, but you cannot share or resell the digital files.

© Copyright Emily Magone. Purchase does not transfer rights. Copyright remains with the artist.



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    Pisces | 6″ x 12″


    Original Painting by Emily Magone

    6″ x 12″ (15cm x 30cm)
    Mat dimensions: 9″ x 15″ (22.8cm x 38cm)

    Watercolor on Cold Pressed Paper

    Professionally Matted, Unframed

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  • August | 60″ x 40″


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    60″ x 40″ (152.4cm x 101.6cm)

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  • Watercolor Leggings, Rainbow Leggings, Rainbow Tights

    Watercolor Rainbow Leggings


    Create a wardrobe that’s a reflection of YOU.

    Beautifully and exclusively printed with the original artwork “Chakras” by Emily Magone, you won’t find these leggings anywhere else in the world.

    The highest quality leggings, designed with your body and lifestyle in mind. Ridiculously comfortable, sustainably made and eco-friendly.

    Medium weight and sturdy, opaque yet breathable, they stretch to fit your body and hug in all the right places. You can wear your leggings over and over and they won’t lose their shape or fade. The signature poly-spandex is soft, supple and easy to care for, and the double fold waistband is designed with movement in mind. Quality construction, and made to last.

    Each pair of leggings is made to order and hand-finished by a community driven production studio in Montreal, Canada using eco-friendly and sustainable business practices.


    Great material and fit. Love it for my exercise class! I might also wear it for skiing as a base layer.

    Watercolor Leggings, Blue Leggings, Yoga Leggings
    Jean Y.


    I received my leggings yesterday, wearing them today, I’m in LOVE.
    They are so comfortable and silky and thick.
    But, that is beside the beauty and coolness that I get to wear some of your art and love of nature. Now I have to decide on my 2nd pair!
    mushroom leggings, red leggings, printed leggings
    Aimee P.

    I got these as a gift for my wife. She absolutely loves them. Also Emily is an excellent seller. I actually had to request a smaller size and the exchange process was easy peasy.

    Albert A.

    High-quality fabric, beautiful design, shipped quickly. I am very happy with my purchase.

    Nebula Leggings, Space Leggings, Galaxy Leggings
    Artemis L.

    Emily is a super accommodating and patient seller, a pleasure to do business with. the art is gorgeous and I’m proud to wear it!

    Sport Leggings, Contour Leggings, Teal Leggings
    Em M.

    I wear these leggings all the time. They’re comfortable and fit great plus the print is so unique.

    Floral Leggings, Flower Leggings, Poppy Leggings
    Mara B.

    Super high quality, fit is perfect! I love that they’re high-waisted, the fit is very flattering. Best leggings on Etsy!

    Printed Leggings, Contour Leggings, Tree Leggings
    Kristin G.

    Super high quality, fit is perfect! Best leggings on Etsy!

    Abstract Leggings, Art Leggings, Athletic Leggings
    Kristin G.

    Arrived today and they are amazing. Great fabric, super comfy and fab colours. I’m a size 10/12 and went for the medium. Probably could have gone for the small, but these are super comfy and no muffin top! Thanks

    Sport Leggings, Contour Leggings, Teal Leggings
    Jane H.

    These are beautiful leggings. The print is absolutely gorgeous. They are a fantastic weight to them. I bought this pair for my daughter for one of her Christmas gifts. I am sure she will love them!!

    Floral Leggings, Flower Leggings, Poppy Leggings
    Kathleen M.

    These are wonderful 🙂

    Kelsey F.

    fit great and hold up to my workouts! get lots of compliments!

    Gloria C.

    Stunning in every way as expected but with great customer service to boot! Thank you so much!

    Art Leggings, Printed Leggings, Mushroom Leggings
    Cloud J.

    Beautiful and high quality. Thank you so much for allowing me to wear art that soothes and inspires me 🙂

    Watercolor Leggings, Blue Leggings, Yoga Leggings
    Nicola W.

    Shipping was very quick and they look and feel amazing!! Size is perfect!

    Tree Leggings, Printed Leggings, Nature Leggings
    Max S.

    Love love love my mushroom leggings!! Will be shopping again soon!

    Mushroom Leggings, Art Leggings, Printed Leggings
    Jasalene R.

    beautiful art and as described

    Contour Leggings, Aspen Grove Leggings, Art Leggings
    Louisa N.

    These are pretty awesome. Thanks!

    Tree Leggings, Printed Leggings, Nature Leggings
    Kate L.