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  • Permission Granted : How to Create the Life You Want to Live


    Well hello!

    I’m Emily; an artist, writer, business owner and hardcore introvert with an overly expressive face.

    I want to inspire and guide you to live the dream…whatever your dream might look like.

    To inspire you to live as the best version of yourself.

    To maximize your potential.

    I believe that to reach maximum potential you have to find… your thing.

    The thing that makes you come alive.

    Your thing is something you’ve always known.

    Something that has been there since the beginning.

    Something that you’ve never been able to ignore.

    Once we figure out that the thing is the thing…well, pursuing it means you’re tapping into who nature intended you to be.

    And that is when we truly shine. That is when we change the world.

    Because the more effort we put in to being our highest selves, the better the world is.

    I want to talk about your dreams, your goals, your calling.

    I want to talk about the big picture, the struggles, the hardcore doubt and fear that can cripple your progress.

    And I want to talk about how to overcome it.

    I’ll share my journey from there to here.

    I’ll share inspiration, stories, and lessons I learned the hard way.

    I’ll tell you your potential is only as limited as you believe it is.

    I’ll give you actionable steps to living an awesome, aligned life.

    A life that looks exactly like you want it to.

    A life that looks like it’s meant to.

    Let’s do this.

    Your precious minutes are flying by, what are you waiting for?

  • Free Good Morning Print – Instant Download


    This is an INSTANT DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, printable in standard frame sizes.
    This download includes one 300 dpi JPG file sized to 12″ x 8″.

    NO PHYSICAL PRODUCTS WILL BE SHIPPED, this is a digital file only.


    1. Click the “Download Now! button below.
    2. Click “Save” to save the file in your computer.
    3. Print instantly at HOME – here are some excellent tips from Jetty Home:
    Take the files to your LOCAL PRINTER/photo printing shop, such as Office Max or Kinko’s.
    UPLOAD the files to an online printing service such as or


  • The Empowered Woman’s Guide to Essential Oils


    A cheatsheet for leveling up using nature’s goodness!

    A gift for you, painted and created by yours truly <3


    You can do this based on need, or based on aroma.
    A mixture of both is inevitable.

    On your skin, in a diffuser, in your cooking, in your cleaning supplies, in your beauty products, in your spell casting – your method will depend on the oil and on your need at the time.

    Oils are personal. Something that smells terrible to someone else might smell amazing to you, maybe because you need it!

  • The Crystal Reference Guide for the Empowered Woman


    A gem lover’s cheat-sheet to maximize your badassery!

    A gift for you, painted and created by yours truly <3

    Let your intuition guide you here. The ones you need will usually let you know.

    Mild soap and water or a salt bath will do the trick.

    By simply setting them in the sun for a day.

    Program each crystal by holding it and setting your intention. Visualize your energy flowing into the crystal and working with the energy of the crystal to manifest your intention.