Well hello lovelies!

Some of you know this already but….I’m moving!

The studio is nearly packed up, and we are more than excited for the next chapter.

Here’s a little FAQ 😉

Where are you moving?
From Suffolk, UK to Texas, US! I’m very excited to see the sun 😀

How long will the studio be closed?
Since it’s an overseas move and we still have to find a house when we arrive, I’m expecting to be all set up again by September!

Can I still order awesome nature art?!
YES! The Etsy shop is still open and full of all the leggings, pillows, prints, scarves and duvets you desire!

What other cool shit is happening while the studio is in boxes?
So many things!
– Woodscape Prints are coming soon!
www.emilymagone.com is soon going to be fully shopping capable!
– Limited Edition Blue Iris prints will be available next month – and 100% of the proceeds will support Pets Enriching Troops!

Will you be off the grid this whole time?
Nope! I will still be checking email, handling orders of printed pieces, and answering all of your nature art loving questions 🙂

Can I join you on your sweet ass adventure across the country?!
Absolutely! I would love that!
If you want to join us on our journey from the UK to Seattle to Montana to Yellowstone to Colorado to Texas to New Studio, follow me on FacebookInstagram or here on the Blog! I’ll be posting all along the way! 😉

I’ll see you on the road, my loves!




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