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Manifesting with the New Moon

moon art, moon painting, lunar, moon print

It’s time to let all the weight from the past go.


It’s all now simply the story that got you to where you are right now.

Don’t let it hold you back. Allow it strengthen your acceleration forward.

Go into this next phase with vigorous energy, creative power and a closer relationship and connection with yourself.

Set your intentions.


What do you want out of life? I mean REALLY want?

Visualize it.

FEEL what it feels like to have already accomplished it and received it.


What you give thought to has intense power. Especially on the new moon.

Focus your thoughts and energy on what you want to see manifested in your life.

Do NOT waste time and energy thinking about shit that you don’t want to happen, that you’re worried about, that you’re scared might happen, etc.

Do NOT give attention and power to what you don’t want.

You can look around you and think about everything you are grateful for.

Or you can look around and find all the things that you could complain about, or that could be better.

Whichever you choose, the universe will respond by sending you more of that.


So use your incredibly powerful thoughts accordingly.



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This year, believe in YOURSELF.

Happy happy HAPPY 2017, lovely!

Man, am I ready to begin the next cycle.

This is the year to shine.

Yes, this means YOU.

Commit to getting to know your Self a little better.


To nurturing her and listening to her.

She is going to lead you on the most important journey.

The journey you were meant to take, since before you arrived here.

NOW is the time.



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mean girl

We all have her.

Sitting in the back of your mind, talking shit.

Telling you you aren’t good enough, not talented enough, just not enough in general.

Sometimes she’s not as much mean, as she is scared.

But action cures fear.


Trust me.

Sometimes you might think your life is going TOO well.

How could it possibly be this awesome all the time?

Something bad has to happen eventually, right?

That’s that scared, mean girl talking.

Shut that shit down.


Life CAN be awesome all the time.

It IS possible.

Of course, bad things, tragic things…they’re going to happen.

It’s part of life.

And that is how we learn, how we strengthen.

But you mustn’t LIVE in a place of anticipating the bad.


Doing so will just attract the bad.

Life is awesome. You’re awesome.

Life is abundant. You’re abundant.

Focus on all the good and amazing shit in your life and more good and amazing shit will flow easily to you.

I promise <3


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savor this moment

You know those moments when you feel like you’re on top of the world?

When everything is amazing, and you can’t believe how abundant and incredible your life is?

When you realize that your current surroundings and circumstances are (almost) exactly what you have been fantasizing about for years, if not better?

(Hint: That is manifestation at work)

It’s an amazing feeling, no question.

So what I need you to do when you have one of those moments, is to WRITE IT DOWN.


Write down how awesome everything is. How abundant your life is.

Because there are going to be those moments when you feel like shit.

When you feel like nothing is going right.

When you’re just having a sad, shitty, doomy gloomy moment.

Write it down so you can tap into that energy again, and remember how epic your life is.


How grateful you are for everything and everyone around you.

Because that is the vibration that will keep all that good shit coming.



Questions? Comments? Stories or examples of this working in YOUR life?

Share them below!

And don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE and never miss a post <3

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Ladies. Listen up.

I’m writing to you – you lovelies who find joy in my work, who find a bit of love and inspiration in these posts.

I want to talk to you about connection.

And working toward maximum potential.

Yes, you.

You magnificent,






creative creature.

You, who are capable of all the things.

It is time.

NOW is YOUR time.

Right. Meow.


No more waiting.


You owe it to your soul, and to the universe.



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On Supporting Each Other

There is enough joy and success to go around.

For everyone.

When you are basking in your own, you are not taking away from anyone else.

You are contributing to the overall amount of joy in the world.

And we need that.

Don’t feel guilty for your joy, or for your abundance.

Don’t feel envious of someone else’s.

Share yours, and open yourself to receiving as well.

The universe has an unlimited supply.

I promise.

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Welcome to Bound!

I’m Emily – an artist, writer and hardcore introvert with an overly expressive face.

I also swear sometimes. Just a heads up.

I’m living the dream. My dream.

By that I mean, making my own schedule and doing what I love every single day.

But I didn’t get here overnight.

It was (and is) a long and windy road full of struggle, fear, doubt, anxiety and everything else that comes with entrepreneurship.

And I can’t tell you how WORTH IT the struggle is.

I want to inspire and guide you to live your dream, whatever your dream might look like.


To inspire you to live as the best version of yourself.

To maximize your potential.

I believe that to reach maximum potential you have to find… your Thing.

The thing that makes you come alive.

Your Thing is something you’ve always known.


Something that has been there since the beginning.

Something that you’ve never been able to ignore.

Something you’re bound to.




: inseparably connected with

Once we figure out that the thing is the thing…well,

…pursuing it means you’re tapping into who nature intended you to be.


And that is when we truly shine.

That is when we change the world.


Because the more effort we put in to being our highest selves, the better the world is.

I want to help you get from here to there.


I want to talk about your dreams, your goals, your calling.

I want to talk about the big picture, the struggles, the hardcore doubt and fear that can cripple your progress.

And I want to talk about how to overcome it.

I’ll share inspiration, stories, and lessons I learned the hard way.

I’ll tell you your potential is only as limited as you believe it is.

I’ll give you actionable steps to living an awesome and aligned life.


A life that looks exactly like you want it to.

A life that looks like it’s meant to.


Let’s do this.

Your precious minutes are flying by, what are you waiting for?