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Resolutions vs. Plans

At the beginning of every year, I hear people make these declarations about things they’re going to do starting in January, or at some point in the coming 365 days.  Their “New Year’s Resolutions”.


: the act of finding an answer or solution to a conflict, problem, etc.

: the act of resolving something

: an answer or solution to something

Most of the time, I find that these declared resolutions actually fit better into one of these two categories:


: something that you are trying to do or achieve



: the thing that you plan to do or achieve

: an aim or purpose

: a determination to act in a certain way

: what one intends to do or bring about

Working out more, losing __ pounds, quit smoking, quit drinking, the list goes on.

I know that this is just me being picky about semantics.  But I feel like there are a lot of people that make these ‘resolutions’, and by February they are a distant memory. Why is that?

There are also these things:


: something that you have wanted very much to do, be, or have for a long time

: a strongly desired goal or purpose


: a strong desire to achieve something high or great


Now we’re increasing the magnitude of the words.  Dreams and aspirations.  Those sound like long-term ideas, right?  Not something that most people think about doing in the next few months.  But why not?  Every idea has to start somewhere, right?

It isn’t just going to happen in one day, it takes hundreds or thousands of little steps in the direction of your dream.

Steps that you can easily start taking in January, or right now preferably. 🙂


All these things stem from this:


: to want or wish for (something)

: to feel desire for (something)

: to long or hope for

But desire means nothing if you don’t have this:


: a promise to do or give something

: a promise to be loyal to someone or something

: the attitude of someone who works very hard to do or support something


: a detailed proposal for doing or achieving something

: an intention or decision about what one is going to do
Without these two factors, NONE of these things will ever come to fruition.  Ever.

Probably 90% of people don’t follow through with their “resolutions” past March.

Why is that? Do people make resolutions because they feel like they should? New Year, New Me?  That whole concept?

If you really, truly want something, you are going to COMMIT to getting it.

So what is it? What is it that you DESIRE? DREAM about? ASPIRE to?

Solidify your vision, and just fucking do it.  Figure out what steps you need to take to get there, and make it happen.

Quit listening to your Fear and start listening to your Self. Quit making excuses. 

Make a promise to yourself.  Be loyal to yourself.  Take care of yourself. LOVE yourself.  Respect yourself enough to follow through with the things you’ve always dreamed about.

You have unlimited potential as a human.  Let’s embrace it. Let’s make some PLANS.


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4 Easy Time Management Tips

Here’s a few of the basic things that help me maximize the hours in the day and allow me to go to bed feeling like I made significant progress.


  1.  Get Enough Sleep

We need to get past the idea that it’s some badge of honor to run on as little sleep as possible.

If you are sleep deprived, your productivity suffers, your creativity suffers, everything suffers.

It adds to stress, which leads to a hundred other health issues.

Some people require less than others.  Some require more.  Mine is 8-9.  Some people easily run off of 5-6.

So figure out what your sleep requirement is (when you tend to wake up naturally) and get it.

Your body and mind will thank you.


  1.  Lists Are Your Friend

If you don’t like lists, think they are nerdy or for forgetful people only…please revisit the idea.  You can make lists for everything.

Long-term goals, short-term goals, ideas, the sequence of events that need to happen before said goal can be reached, what you need to accomplish tomorrow or this week, what can wait until next month, etc.

It’s a gratifying feeling to check things off your list.  It’s solid, tangible proof that you are making progress and getting that much closer to your goal.

Proof that you are getting shit done.


  1.  (Smart) Multitask


Pair up the things that make sense together in order to maximize your time.

I’ll save things I need to listen to (podcasts, books, talks, workshops, etc.) for when I’m working on something else (painting, housework, etc.), and save things that I need to watch (tutorials, presentations, etc.) for when I am sitting down eating lunch.

I keep multiple paintings going at once, and work on them in stages.  This way I can always be moving forward with one of them, while the others are drying/setting/doing whatever they need to be doing.

For me, it keeps everything flowing throughout the day and I don’t feel like my time is being wasted by menial tasks (like dishes).


  1.  Prioritize & Schedule Your Hours


I’m talking about life in general here.  That’s why I mentioned sleep first.

If you want to maximize your potential, your health should be at the top of your priority list.

So put the best food possible in your body, move and strengthen your body, and sufficiently rest your body.

Now that you’re taken care of, you’re better able to make sure those around you are taken care of as well.

Day-to-day, my schedule reflects my priorities.

Here’s what my weekdays look like currently:

5:30 – start hitting snooze

6:00 – make breakfast and lunch for husband, stare blankly while petting dogs

6:30 – husband leaves for work, I make coffee and breakfast for me and dogs (they get no coffee)

7:00 – meditation and stretching, rank importance of the day’s tasks

7:30-10 – office (website development, emails, writing posts, outreach, etc.)

10-1 – studio (painting, shooting, etc.)


1-2:30 – studio


4-5:30 – office

dinner prep/eat

7 – 9:30 – admin stuff (emails, editing, uploading, etc.)


Obviously everyone’s day looks different.

But it all comes back to the time management.

You’re in control of your time, so make the most of it.

If you have a dream, you’re the only person that can get you there.

Take care of yourself, organize your thoughts and goals, multitask well and prioritize in all areas of your life.

Whatever you are hoping to achieve, it is in your power to make it happen.