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VIDA Voices Showcase!

Got this fantastical email this week:

“Hi Emily,
We are delighted to inform you that you have been selected to be a part of the VIDA Voices showcase, which is being released to the public today.  Congratulations!!  You are part of a very select group of artists whose VIDA products can now be seen by everyone here:
Due to your talent, hard work and dedication to sharing your collection with your network and community, your work with VIDA has truly shined and stood out in the crowd.  We do hope that you continue to upload more images and be a VIDA designer with us for the very long term.  Thank you so much for being an integral part of VIDA Voices from the very beginning.  As we continue to grow, we will always be forever grateful for your role in helping shape VIDA Voices as we continue to expand.
Our deepest gratitude,
Team VIDA”

Thank you to all of you lovelies that have supported this project with your words and your wallets. I am so very grateful and honored. <3

Please make sure you check out the VIDA Voices Showcase page, there are some INCREDIBLE artists here that I am truly humbled to appear alongside.

With so much love and gratitude,

EM 🙂


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Emily Magone Partners with VIDA Voices to Create Ethically & Socially Responsible Fashion

I have some big news!
So a few days ago, I was contacted by an incredible new sustainable startup fashion company called VIDA, based out of San Francisco. The VIDA staff found my work online and enthusiastically invited me to design some new scarves and silk shirts for their lineup using my paintings – particularly my charcoal and watercolor work. Once I did my research and discovered the amazing and fresh approach they are taking to create ethical and sustainable fashion, I knew I wanted to get on board.
VIDA’s story is that of the rich, interconnected world we live in — the story of contemporary life and mindful, global citizenship. They believe beautiful products should create beauty every step of the way, and they are truly re-imagining fashion and commerce from the ground up. Not only are they producing ethical and sustainable fashion, VIDA is taking a portion of the proceeds and using it to provide literacy programs to their makers – providing them with the resources to learn to read, write, and do basic math – and build a better life for generations to come.
This piece excites me most of all. How could you NOT want to join in this revolution?
With the help of the amazing VIDA staff, I have chosen 7 pieces to be made into these delicious wearables. 
There are now eight products up on my VIDA Voices page, and each product that reaches 5 pre-orders within the next 14 days, VIDA will produce for resale in the broader market. If a piece does not reach 5 pre-orders, it will not be created.
As extra enticement for this 14-day period only, VIDA is offering the coupon code VOICES for 25% off of any pre-­orders — which makes these 100% Modal scarves incredibly reasonable at $30 and an epic $56 for the silk shirts! AND if you order by the end of this month, they have a special on international shipping for only $5 USD! (Usually it’s $35, so this is a huge savings opportunity to hop on if you see something you like).
Here are the pieces chosen for my VIDA Voices Collection.

These scarves are made out of 100% Micro­Modal® by Lenzing, a luxuriously soft botanic silk fabric made out of European beechwood. Because of modal’s botanic origin, it is particularly eco-friendly and its fineness is comparable to that of natural silk. Micro­Modal® offers a soft, beautiful sheen, with colors that are bright and vibrant.

Each piece in the Charcoal Trees Series will be recreated as a beautiful and luxurious 100% Modal scarf, as will Antelope Canyon Two.
The completely natural fiber of this scarf is made in a fully integrated facility in Austria, optimized for production synergies and energy conservation by using eco-friendly production processes. The fabric is woven in a small factory in Pakistan. VIDA collaborates with the owner and workers of this factory to produce the perfect thread-count and weave for optimal softness and sheen.
AND …these scarves are enormous! Because of the hand­made process, they range in size from 24.5”-25” X 76”-77”.  Wrap yourself up sooooo nice!
Scarves are usually sold for $40 USD but use the coupon code VOICES to receive 25% OFF any pre­orders (which makes these scarves only $30!)…and again, there’s a special $5 USD on international shipping only until the end of this month.
Summer, Ready, Vast and Charcoal Trees One will each be recreated as stunning, flowy silk tops.
I could not be more excited to share this collection with you.  For me, this is a huge step toward realizing my dream of bringing the art of nature to every aspect of life – sustainably and ethically.
Sizing Chart for the silk tops are as follows:
*Note: Tops fit true to size but have a drapey cut — please size down if you prefer a snug fit.
Small: Bust – 32″, Hips 38” (US Size 0–2)
Medium: Bust – 34″, Hips 39” (US Size 4–6)
Large: Bust – 38″, Hips 40″ (US Size 8–10)
I’m ordering the Vast Silk Tee for myself 😉
If you love any of these delicious scarves or tops, or know anyone that would as well, simply click HERE to pre-order any one or more of these scarves and ethereal silk tops. Don’t forget to include coupon code VOICES to get 25% off (that’s just $30 for each of these lovely scarves, and $48-56 for the silk tops!)
From artist, to maker, to you. That’s it.
The international shipping for $5 deal is also incredible.  That is a $30 savings! A whole scarf’s worth! Folks from all over the world can purchase, and help give back.
But remember, pre-order only lasts for 2 weeks from today. If you pre-order a piece and it doesn’t hit the minimum 5 orders, you pay nothing.
Please help me to spread the word by sharing this post with your friends and family through email, social media or in person.
Being able to be a part of this amazing startup will mean the world to me – so for those of you that love flowy, delicious fabrics, or those of you that love sustainable and ethical business practices, or those of you that love the environment and making the world a better place, or those of you that love me – just skip on over to the site and pre-order your favorite piece for yourself (you deserve it) or a loved one.  They will love knowing that they are representing the future of sustainable fashion whenever they wear it 😉
Thank you so much for taking the time to read this exhaustingly long email – I am so very grateful for you.
With so much love and gratitude,
Emily 🙂


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When the wave hits, you gotta ride it

bird art, bird painting, dove art, raven art, hummingbird art
So sometimes I will go through a phase of preferring to do admin stuff (marketing, researching, the like) and sometimes I will go through a phase of constant painting. The last couple of weeks has been one of those phases and it has been a good one.  Much to come on the new work front, and I’m REALLY enjoying a bird-crazy commission piece I’m working on right now as well.

What about you other creative business owners? Do you love both aspects of the job as much as I do?

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It is time for the rebrand. Introducing Bound.

Bound by Emily Magone

This is a follow up to a previous post.  I know you’re busy, so here is a summary:

My business name no longer fits my business, brand, and the direction that I want my work to go. After having my business officially up and running for two years, I have further solidified my artistic desire and intent.  I described this in that post as well:

“Intentions typically flow from a belief system.  Mine is that everything in this universe – you, me, the trees, the animals, the stars, planets, all things vegetable, mineral and otherwise – are all made of the same materials and are therefore bound to each other on a much deeper level than our evolving human brains can comprehend right now.
The point is that people have strayed away from that universal connection over the centuries, and it has led humanity down an incredibly narrow and destructive path.  My hope is to remind people of that connection, of the importance and value of all of the other life on this earth aside from just the human life.  If you are already living that connection, I want to inspire it further.
I’ve been thinking about this for quite some time, but haven’t wanted to move on it until I found the  name that represented it all perfectly, the name that resonated with me, that excited every cell in my being, and that I knew was going to envelope my artistic life and work forward indefinitely.”


So… without further adieu…I present to you:
So what does this mean for you, as a reader, shopper or collector?

1.  The biggest change is the work itself and how you view the gallery. In an effort to hone my work and focus, all work is now categorized in four series falling under the umbrella of Bound and the meaning behind it. 

Woodland Bound – The forest, the trees, the leaves, the undergrowth. Le sigh.

Climax Bound – Abstraction comes from within.  When reaching those physical and mental peaks in life, I see color. Moving, sweeping, flowing color.

Sky Bound – The endless, epic universe blows the mind.

Earth Bound – This planet harbors and creates incredible natural formations that beg to be ogled and cherished.

2.  Over the past few weeks I have been transitioning all venues as well. 

The website is still and the updates in accordance with the brand are complete.

You are on the new blog location right meow! Hooray!  

Everything else is in the same place, but has the new name (or just my name) at the top:



3.  My commitment to this direction also means that I will be limiting the custom work I do that doesn’t fit within the scope of Bound.  There will always be exceptions of course! But all my new work moving forward will be a piece of the aforementioned collections, or will be the beginning of a new Bound collection.

I am ridiculously excited about this next step forward in my artistic life, and I want nothing more than for you to come along on this journey with me!  

“What I want to do with my art is to give you an opportunity to connect with the earth in new ways on a daily basis, to display and wear your love and appreciation for our natural world.  So when you can’t be out frolicking in nature, a little piece of nature can be bringing joy and calm to your day, which then makes you want to be frolicking in nature…and so on. 

I want to help people become aware of their connection to each other and everything around them, to renew that connection, to maintain that connection.  There is incredible beauty in the tiniest details.

The Earth is beautiful. Bathe yourself in it. Feel the Beauty.”


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Keep on keepin’ on

fall leaves, nature art, autumn leaves

I just want to give an extra appreciative shout out to Mother Nature today because man, Autumn has been EPIC this year.  The leaves are changing so slowly, the sun is out nearly every day, the temperature has been amazing, and it seems like we have been bestowed with this incredible gift of Fall for a much longer period of time than in recent years.  It is seriously the most beautiful Fall I have ever experienced in person.  I’m sure living in the middle of the beautiful English countryside makes quite the difference when it comes to the scenery part of it as well 🙂

For me, Fall is the best part of the year.  Not only because of all the delicious smells, sights and sounds, but because of the renewal in so many aspects of life.  Many of life’s bifurcation points and upheavals, good and bad, have taken place in the fall for me, particularly in September.  I didn’t really notice it for many years, but once I did there was definitely a pattern.  Its interesting.

There have been many moments in the past few weeks that I have wanted to sit down and write about, but it has been so nuts building up to and since the bazaar that I haven’t been able to make it a priority.  Which makes me sad.  I love writing these little blurbs.  So I’m working on doing that more.  Spending 10 min. less swiping through theCHIVE and reaching out to you lovelies with whatever beautiful moment I experienced that week.

As for shop talk, I am already neck deep in scarf orders (get it? neck deep? bwwwahahhaaa….) as the holidays draw near, so make sure to get your orders in as soon as you can for holiday shipping!

The deadline for US and International orders is December 1st, and the deadline for UK/EU orders is December 12th.

Comment here or drop me an email at if you have any questions!

Happy Autumn to you lovelies,

Emily 🙂

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DIY SOS: The Big Build

So a few weeks ago, I received an email through my Etsy shop from a lovely woman at the BBC requesting a couple of my pillow covers for a home design show that they do called DIY SOS: The Big Build.  After further reading and a little research, I realized that it was the original (British) version of a show we watch in America called Extreme Home Makeover.  I’ve been obsessed with EHM for years, and have never made it through an episode without crying like a baby.

So to be asked to make a contribution to such an epic and worthy cause, even if it is just a couple of little pillow covers, made me squeal and tear up with joy and gratitude.

I got the pillow covers done and sent them off right away, and was also invited to come to the neighborhood where the family lived and be there for the big reveal with the rest of the builders, tradesmen, suppliers and crew that had a part in the renovation.

The family, two EMT parents, a 9-year-old daughter and a 6-year-old boy with severe physical disabilities and an incredible love for sports, needed a space that their growing boy could fully access and which would give the incredibly hard working parents and his caring sister some much needed respite and comfort.

Being there with all the people that volunteered all of their time and sweat to bring this to fruition for this incredibly deserving family was amazing.  It was a beautiful, sunny day and the look on the young boy’s face as he was talking about his rad new room, bathroom and the gaming system that he could operate with his finger was just an honor to witness.  The family was so incredibly grateful, and being the type of people that spend their day saving lives and caring for others, it was a great honor for everyone that participated in the project to be able to help them so immensely and take such a weight off of their shoulders so that they could go from coping with their situation back to living more fully.

After all the opening and closing scenes were filmed, everyone had the opportunity to meet and get pictures with the DIY SOS staff and builders.  A group of incredibly kind, caring and hilarious guys that have one of the greatest jobs I can imagine – making huge, positive changes in the lives of others on a daily basis using creativity, innovation and the collective goodwill of a huge team.

It was a dreamy, dreamy day my friends.

So gratefully,

Emily <3

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A little history.

Emily Magone, Nature Artist

*Original post from 2012, when I launched my business as LoveArtWillTravel*


So I started this blog back in 2009 to document my first adventure abroad.  I kept it going, and it made sense to carry the name over as I launched my business, as my art is ultimately inspired by my love of traveling and exploring – nature in particular.

As the business has grown and developed, so have I, and so has my personal mission.  Every artist has a different reason for creating, a message that they want to communicate to their customers, to the viewers, to the world.I used to think that the only possible way that I could help others and ‘change the world’ like I hoped was to work with NGOs, nonprofits, join Peace Corps, etc.  So I did all that, and it was fabulous and wonderful in so many ways, but I still felt incomplete and longed for the answer, the missing piece.

It wasn’t until I took the leap into being an artist full time that I really felt like I was finally tuning in to who I really am and was meant to be, and on the path to fulfilling my intended potential in this life.

So what is my intention, my message to you lovelies, as an artist?

First, let’s chat a bit about art in general.  Art doesn’t always have to have some deeper meaning.  Sometimes you just LIKE it. Sometimes you just think it looks rad. Its going to mean something different to everyone who views it.  If you’re going to invest in it, however, it should make you feel SOMETHING.  I still remember the first piece of art that moved me to tears, but it doesn’t need to be that dramatic of course. It can make you feel happy, reminiscent, calm… it runs the gamut.   My favorites are epic joy and empowered.  Genius color scheme and flowing composition usually do it for me.

Second, intentions typically flow from a belief system.  Mine is that everything in this universe – you, me, the trees, the animals, the stars, planets, all things vegetable, mineral and otherwise – are all made of the same materials and are therefore connected to each other on a much deeper level than our evolving human brains can comprehend right now.  I could carry on about this topic for days, but I’ll save that for another time.

The point is that people have strayed away from that universal connection over the centuries, and it has led humanity down an incredibly narrow and destructive path.  My hope is to remind people of that connection, of the importance and value of all of the other life on this earth aside from just the human life.  If you are already living that connection, I want to inspire it further.

When we choose things to adorn our home and bodies – clothes, accessories, art, décor – we are really looking for things that are an expression of who we are.  Items that communicate what it is that we value and what resonates with us.  Things that not only look beautiful, but make you feel beautiful as well. 

What I want to do with my art is to give you an opportunity to connect with the earth in new ways on a daily basis, to display and wear your love and appreciation for our natural world.  So when you can’t be out frolicking in nature, a little piece of nature can be bringing joy and calm to your day, which then makes you want to be frolicking in nature…and so on.

I want to help people become aware of their connection to each other and everything around them, to renew that connection, to maintain that connection.  There is incredible beauty in the tiniest details.

The earth is amazing. Beyond words incredible. Artists, conservationists, photographers, filmmakers…we have a responsibility to capture, interpret and communicate that beauty to the rest of the world. 

With love and gratitude,



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Q & A!

Well hello lovelies!  A couple weeks ago I posted a few questions on the Facebook page for you, some of which were wondering if there were any questions you had for me.  You came back with some very interesting ones, so I thought I would take a stab at answering them!

Michael asks, “How do your goals align with or deter from military life?”

Fabulous question!  For those of you who don’t already know this, I am married to a delicious military man.  This means that we move around every 2-4 years, with little warning or clue as to where we are going.  Fortunately, this lifestyle suits our personalities very well.  We love to travel obviously, so having a new hub to journey from every so often is fabulous.  Business-wise, it is very beneficial in many ways.  The frequent travel is constantly inspiring my work and life.  The constant turnover in the military population as people move here and move away keeps the market fresh and ever changing.  And every time we get moved, I am able to build my network, resources and breadth of opportunities even more.

Every location has its varying pros and cons of course.  For example, in England, we are out in the middle of nowhere in farmland and forests.  While it doesn’t allow me much opportunity for face time with the local population, it is AMAZING for the scenery and frolicking through nature.  So, to directly answer the question, my current goals align wonderfully with military life.  🙂

Andelyn asks, “Would you ever offer classes or lessons on your techniques?” and “What is your favorite form of art that you create?”

I’ve thought about this many times! I’ve done private lessons with adults in the past, and it was fabulous and has led to some lifelong friendships.  I have also done private lessons with children, and that doesn’t fit very well for me.  I’ve thought about teaching adult classes on basic techniques, perhaps in one of those BYOB settings, but the stars haven’t aligned yet in that department.  Eventually!

As for my favorite form of art to create, I believe it will always be my first love which is acrylic on canvas.  The possibilities are endless with it, and the gratification and calm that comes with the application of endless layers of paint to create something that is new and a piece of myself is unmatched.  🙂

Mei Lin says, “I am very interested in learning about how you make your trees and elephants. Also–how you get the colors to be almost “water-color” design.” 

This is a hard one!  I suppose they could both be answered with, ‘lots and lots of layering!’   I’ve had many other people make the observation that my acrylics often take on a ‘watercolor feel’.  This isn’t something I do intentionally, so I’m not quite sure how to answer!  I use a lot of water when I paint, for smoothing, blending, glazing, layering, etc. so perhaps my pigments become so liquefied that they take on that appearance on their own! 🙂

Many have asked about the different places that I’ve traveled and how they have influenced my art.

This could be a whole blog post on its own!  But here is a list off the top of my head, and the first thing that comes to mind that inspired my work while there. If you click on the country, you can also read the post on that location!

Ireland – GREEN, rolling hills, the Cliffs of Moher (nearly all the 2009 posts are about my summer spent in Ireland, so feel free to browse the archives!)

Grand Cayman Islands – the flora. There are some incredible species of flowers and plants on this island, that I had never seen before. Apparently I didn’t blog about this trip for some reason…

Netherlands – Amsterdam is the happiest place on earth. The architecture is beautiful and distinct, the tulip fields are epic, and the Keukenhof Gardens will inspire my work for life.

Canary Islands – this trip involved eating Paella and drinking sangria and laying by the pool, so I don’t have much from this one lol.

Belgium – classy, elegant, refined and relaxed was Belgium. I think of glass and wrought iron ceilings, lamp posts and cobblestone.

Scotland – Mmmmm Edinburgh.  My absolute favorite skyline thus far.  The spires, the architecture, the castles.  The kindness of the people and the deliciousness of the accent, the haggis, the scotch, the kilts…it is like a fairyland. Love me some Scotland.

France – the Provencial countryside is unlike any other.  The trees really do look like a Van Gogh painting.

Greece – the white washed buildings and blue domes of Santorini are of course very distinctive. The view over the caldera from above is epic.  The lushness and super smooth stone streets of Corfu are lovely.

Italy – too much to reference here! The sea, the caves, the ruins, the architecture, VENICE, the list goes on.

Croatia – such a peaceful and calmly beautiful place.  The sea blends with the sky. The castles on the cliffs, the islands all up and down the coast. Love.

Norway – the motherland. The Norwegian Fjords are one of the earth’s most incredible occurrences.  Words cannot describe the scale and magnitude of these natural formations. Not to mention the landscape beyond the fjords.  The mountains rocket toward the sky, the lush green hills make me want to run and sing and cry, the flora, the harbors, the architecture. It is all amazing.

Denmark – Copenhagen is rad and very chill, and has a lovely botanical garden.  We didn’t get to see much there, it was just an overnight!

Germany – Bavariaaaaaaa! The Alps. No explanation necessary.

Spain – Gaudi’s work and influence on Barcelona’s architecture and public art is very distinctive and beautiful.  Barcelona is huge, there is so much to see and it is beautiful.

Canada – west coast, Vancouver area, so green and beautiful.

Montana – the homeland! Glacier National Park, the Rockies, that is what I grew up in. I’m spoiled and my standards of natural surroundings are very high as a result 🙂

Washington – living in Seattle was amazing.  I LOVE that city.  The Olympics, the Cascades, the Puget Sound, the San Juan Islands, all within a short drive.  If it didn’t cost a billion dollars to live up there, I would love to again 🙂

Arizona – Phoenix was a dirty hell hole, but head up north to Sedona and serenity will return.  The red rocks, the rivers, the luscious sunrises and sunsets, and the art community is very strong there.


Phew! That was an interesting recap!  Thank you for that question, it was really cool to run through what I have taken from each place inspirationally 🙂

I love to hear from you! I love answering your questions and hearing what you think!  Is there anything you would like to ask me?  Fire away!