About Emily Magone

Well hello there, I'm Emily. Here's a few tidbits about me.

My journey started in a little town in Northwest Montana…



born & raised

Seattle '05-'10

college, grad school, all the nonprofit jobs

Ireland '09

graduate study abroad

Macedonia '10-'11

Peace Corps + the beginning of a 3-year anxiety-filled career identity crisis

Phoenix '11-'12

married my love (and into the military) and my last nonprofit job

England '12-'16

pt 1. climax of anxiety + career identity crisis
pt 2. started my business and became a full-time artist + deep isolation, personal development, and soul growth + travel all over Europe

San Antonio '16-?

the intense personal development and soul growth continues while navigating entrepreneur + military wife life
Our Dogs

Scarlet & Henry

Husband and I met these beautiful babies 7 years ago at an adoption fair in Scottsdale, Arizona.  They’ve been by our side ever since.

Scarlet & Henry make frequent appearances over on my Instagram.

It's been a crazy journey (and still is).

I keep it real — anxiety, fears, the whole deal —

over on the blog.

3 Favorite Trips

Norway // Scotland // Amsterdam

3 Things That Excite Me

Tree Tunnels // Fluffy Moss // All The Dogs

3 Albums I Love

Dre's 2001 // The Spill Canvas: One Fell Swoop // Beyonce's Lemonade

3 Trips I Want To Take

Patagonia // Iceland // New Zealand

As seen in…

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