1. An Art Shelf

The Easiest Way to Display Art DIY Art Shelf
DIY Art Shelf Tutorial by Love Grows Wild

Art shelves are an excellent solution when you have a ton of smaller paintings and prints and you don’t want to put a million holes in the wall. You can rearrange and add/subtract as you wish – in seconds! Minted makes some lovely Artful Shelves. If you’re a crafty one, here’s an excellent DIY tutorial as well.

2. Wearable Art

Leggings Fall Leaves Leggings 1
“Leaves” Leggings by Emily Magone

Art lovers tend to love wearing artistic and unique things. When I was developing my collection, I set out to create something high-quality, comfortable and sustainable that I would love to wear myself. I love them dearly, but I’ll let this delighted collector speak for them:

Awesome leggings! Just on the construction side, I’ve got new curves, and I got these leggings on the larger side after purging almost half my closet. It was time, and as I looked for my favorite bottoms on the internet, I realized how many pieces I liked were skewed to the tiny. I also wanted a piece without what I’ll call an over-elasticised waistband, opaqueness issues, a camel toe in the making, slightly perpetually short legs, a flared calf, and seams on the outside. I always go back to your leggings, mooning after the art and the construction. I love your art. It’s full of the abstraction, whimsy, excellent use of color, and good placement of detail in regards to the body as well as the concept, that I want all over my wardrobe. Still, here I was with maybe $250.00, and I wanted a nice wool sweater to survive the winter, and hopefully bolster my formal collection which languished without outerwear and tops. I asked myself if I could find two or three cheaper leggings that wouldn’t annoy me to death for the price of those beautiful red poppies I’d been stalking. Lo and behold, the world of leggings since their resurgence as a trend has gotten decidedly worse. I couldn’t find one non-black (let alone genuinely interesting) pair of leggings that ticked my boxes. What you do is a rare and precious thing. I said to myself, look you may end up wearing those poppies every day for a week, and you know you won’t regret it. Now, here I am, and no, I don’t regret it. In fact I can’t tell you how exciting it is to have on leggings that fit so well. There’s no camel toe, but also no bagginess anywhere. And the waistband? It fits like a dream. It comes up to the perfect height. It gently hugs me. It has true versatility in pairing with all kinds of tops. In that respect it was like wearing pants. Still, I was wearing silky smooth leggings with all the mobility I crave in my clothes. Anyway, maybe this is a mite dry for celebrating something that deserves poetry for the artwork printed onto it alone, but thank you. These leggings are going to be a highlight to my day for years to come.

– dragonfruit4

3. Anything Bob Ross

Bob Ross
Bob Ross – The Art of Chill Board Game

I don’t know any art lover or human in general that doesn’t think Bob is the sh*t. As someone who learned to paint by recording Bob’s show on my sweet VHS tapes and watching them over and over again, I can testify that any Bob-related gift makes me squeal with joy. The options are literally endless. You’re welcome.

4. An Art Date

light show
Laser Light Show in Denver, CO

Art is everywhere. Experiences make even cooler gifts than things, so find something awesome going on and take your person to see it. Light shows, dance performances, live painting, body painting exhibitions, fashion shows…even one of those Booze n’ Brushes parties can be a great time. The memories and inspiration will last a lifetime <3

5. Artisan Jewelry

Hammered Metal Teardrop Earrings by Andrea Sepulveda

Andrea Sepulveda makes the most beautiful jewelry from gorgeous stones and metals. And she’s a kick-ass human on top of it. Like I said, art lovers love to wear art – but you don’t have to be an art lover to appreciate these amazing creations.

Emily Magone is a self-taught artist, entrepreneur and Salesforce enthusiast from NW Montana. She wants all women to rise into themselves to maximize their potential – whatever that might look like.

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