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Everything is connected.

Art illuminates our lives every day.


Think about what makes you feel beautiful inside… what brings you happiness, so you can express it physically in your home and life – all those things involve art.

We do this all the time – furniture, fabric, tile work, glass – it all comes from an artisan with a different craft.

For me, nature is what I’m drawn to.  The epic and the everyday. It is amazing.

I want people to see our natural world and value it. People have lost the connection that our ancestors had with the earth and the universe and we need it back.

Everything is connected. Everything is energy. Nature heals us because we ARE nature.

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new work : rebirth

forest art, nature art, copper art, tree art, forest painting

The intense forest fires this season brought tragedy upon thousands of people across Western America. Homes were lost, and lives were lost. Lessons were learned (we hope) about healthy forest management and the need to fund our National Forests in order to prevent such intense and raging infernos.

Those of us that have grown up in and around our forests understand this need, but unfortunately there are groups of people that do not. Some that think they are protecting the forests, and some at higher levels that simply don’t care about the forests at all. Ones that seem to forget how the oxygen they breathe is produced in the first place.

While this year’s fires were destructive beyond comprehension, there is always light to be found in even the darkest places. “Rebirth” was inspired by not only the visual splendor of this natural occurrence, but the inherent regeneration that comes with it. The hope that the scale of this preventable damage will spur action – legislatively and within ourselves. The understanding that things appear darkest just before the light, and that new growth can occur only after utter destruction.

“Rebirth” is a symbol of what you, and we, are capable of.

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new work : luscious

lavender art, lilac art, watercolor flower art


My most favorite flower and fragrance.

My grandparents had two huge lilac bushes in their yard and I would sit in between them for hours playing in the dirt.

Lilacs everywhere, forever <3

lavender art, lavender painting, watercolor flowers


8.5″ x 11.5″

Watercolor on Yupo

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new work : releasing aurora

The past is the past. In order to move forward, we must turn the page on the previous chapter. In letting go, we gain more of our selves.

“Releasing Aurora”

20″ x 16″

Acrylic and Fibrous Paper on canvas

© Emily Magone

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Moving from the UK to Texas

Our move from the UK to Texas took us to Seattle, then to Montana, Yellowstone National Park, Colorado Springs, Amarillo, TX and then to our final destination of San Antonio, Texas where we’ll be for at least the next 3 years.

It was an epic journey, indeed. So many faces and places that we’ve missed, and so much new scenery on the way down.

But Yellowstone was by far the best part of the trip. So many paintings to come, inspired by this grand display of nature minus humans (as much as it can be these days).

Here are some of my favorite shots from the journey!


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Love and gratitude,


Emily <3

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So me and my bitches hit up the deliciousness that is Amsterdam one last time together before my departure of the UK.

It was amazing, as usual.

This year Keukenhof Gardens had a room with 72,000 roses in it, on top of the glass houses upon acres full of millions of blooms.

The air was so clean and fresh and beautiful, a delightful springtime naturegasm of epic proportions, indeed.

Please enjoy the glorious shitload of flower pictures I snapped while squealing with pleasure:


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Love and gratitude,

Emily <3