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new work : rebirth

forest art, nature art, copper art, tree art, forest painting

The intense forest fires this season brought tragedy upon thousands of people across Western America. Homes were lost, and lives were lost. Lessons were learned (we hope) about healthy forest management and the need to fund our National Forests in order to prevent such intense and raging infernos.

Those of us that have grown up in and around our forests understand this need, but unfortunately there are groups of people that do not. Some that think they are protecting the forests, and some at higher levels that simply don’t care about the forests at all. Ones that seem to forget how the oxygen they breathe is produced in the first place.

While this year’s fires were destructive beyond comprehension, there is always light to be found in even the darkest places. “Rebirth” was inspired by not only the visual splendor of this natural occurrence, but the inherent regeneration that comes with it. The hope that the scale of this preventable damage will spur action – legislatively and within ourselves. The understanding that things appear darkest just before the light, and that new growth can occur only after utter destruction.

“Rebirth” is a symbol of what you, and we, are capable of.

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new work : cinque terre horizons

A few years ago, for my husband’s 30th birthday, I surprised him with a trip to Cinque Terre. We had this little apartment with a rooftop deck that had the most incredible view. We went to a little deli and bought all sorts of tasty treats to eat and drink on our little rooftop so we could enjoy the view as much as possible while we were there.

The horizon gave us so many beautiful color schemes, sunrises and sunsets and made that trip absolutely unforgettable. I’ve been wanting to paint them since then, and like the Playa collection, I wanted to focus on minimalism with watercolor.

These prints will only be available on and you can snag them here.