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New Orleans : A Magnificent City

So my husband won some high-level romance awards this weekend when he surprised me with a trip to New Orleans for Jazz Fest to see Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds. I knew the weekend was going to be epic but I was not prepared for the the explosion of awesomeness that occurred.

Night One :

We eat a delicious seafood dinner and I see for the first time the dirty madness that is Bourbon Street. As we mosey back to the hotel, we pass by a lounge with these fucking angels singing inside…the soulful, echoing voices of which wrap around my heart and pull us inside.

The band was called Bon Bon Vivant and you can listen to them here.

On their break, I took my Jameson drinking self up there and told them I loved them and once I’m ballin’ outta control I’m flying them all up to Montana for the greatest party ever.

Day Two :

Dave at Jazz Fest day!! Jazz Fest goes on for a couple weeks, and you can get a pass for any of the days. There is so much food and music and art and creative awesomeness going on at this place it’s wonderful. We ate, we drank, we sang, we danced, and Dave & Tim of course did not disappoint <3

Day Three :

The day I meet Ashley Longshore. In her gallery. In person.


LOOK HOW FUCKING EXCITED I AM holy shit this woman is a goddamn goddess.

A ridiculously successful artist that has dominated in HER way, by simply being HERself. Authentically, unapologetically,  and independent of galleries. Not only that, but one who thrives on making sure women know that we can do WHATEVER THE FUCK WE WANT and be successful at it. She’s a prime inspiration of mine, and this moment was totally surreal for me.

I love her. What a goddamn amazing day.

Day Four :

More delicious food all day, and the day of wrought iron obsession. I love the style of New Orleans.

When my husband and I travel, we’re always looking for aspects of design that we want to incorporate into the home that we’ll eventually build. And the wrought iron balconies and railings of New Orleans will definitely be one of those things. So beautiful. Can you imagine being a blacksmith back in the day working on these gorgeous designs? What a craft <3

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As we’re wandering around the French Quarter and roaming in and out of the countless art galleries on Royal Street, we came upon the Craig Tracy Gallery, which I didn’t realize was in New Orleans! If you’re not familiar with the work of Craig Tracy, or have never binge-watched Skin Wars, he’s one of the most talented body painters in the world. His vision is incredible.

Anywhoo, I’m browsing around, and who comes walking out of the back but mother-effing CRAIG TRACY.


I nearly squealed out loud but managed to get my gleeful fists over my mouth in time to not fully shame myself.


Met TWO incredible inspirations of mine in the same weekend. Mind blown with joy and gratitude. For real.

And as if this weekend couldn’t get any more amazing, we decided to take a stroll along the water after stuffing ourselves painfully full with one last delicious seafood meal. The steamboat is lighting up the harbor, and husband tells me he has one more surprise for me. Busts out a ring, and asks me to marry him again.  *SWOON*

What. A. Weekend.


We’ll be back, New Orleans. I love you. <3

Thoughts? Tell me all about it! :D