The life of an artist can be a STRUGGLE for sure. You want nothing more than to create all day, but money is inconsistent and you have bills to pay.

In the first years of my business, I was teaching individual and small group lessons upon request. A local roller derby team asked me to do a ‘painting party’ for them, and it sounded like fun!

They wanted to paint Georgia O’Keefe’s “Red Canna”. We set a date, they supplied the food & drinks, I supplied the supplies and off we went!

Word of mouth took hold, and soon I was making an extra $1,000 to $2,500 per month (on top of my Etsy shop) conducting in-home painting parties 1-4 nights a week.

Cash money, baby. Now I’m going to teach you how.


How to start your own painting party business, side hustle for artists, creative business
how to host a painting party
  • How to research your market and find your audience (and then get them to your parties!)
  • Startup costs and how to calculate your prices (how to keep your costs LOW and your margins high!)
  • How to create marketing materials for your business and parties (including my first flyer and the free tool that I use to make all my graphics!)
  • Everything you need to do before, during and after the party to ensure a successful event and happy customers that will return again and again
  • How to grow and expand your creative business on your own terms
+ these bonuses!


My suppliers – Where I get high-quality art supplies in bulk AND at wholesale pricing. This info alone will save you hundreds of dollars instantly, and many thousands of dollars over time!


My actual packing list, so you won’t forget a thing!


The Done-For-You Painting Party Flyer Template that got me all those bookings, and the tool I used to make it!

$35 Painting-Party-Business-How-To-(5)