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Vermont Bride Feature!

I finally got my hands on the newest edition of #VermontBride so I could see our feature in person! What a beautiful publication, I’m so honored to have my work in these pages! Mei Lin Barral Photography – incredible work, you’re so amazing, thank you again!


Click any of the photos to personalize YOUR Lyric Scarf!

word scarf, book scarf, lyric scarf, infinity scarf
Lyric scarf in Wine. Photography by Mei Lin Barral Photography.
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It’s been a long journey from there to here.

You may remember at the beginning of winter, when I posted this epic shot:

This shoot is something that had been living in my mind for SO long.

When childhood friend and epic creative Amanda Dunn and I started chatting one day, I knew she would bring my vision to life x 1000. She definitely did just that, and I’m so pumped to share these with you.

So much has changed in my business since I started, and this shoot signifies an important piece for me.

I have a vision of bringing purpose-driven women together to lift each other, support each other, to share in each other’s personal uprising.


The energy that day was amazing, and has caused ripples that continue to grow.

There is much to come on the horizon, a shit-ton of writing that I’ve been stacking up that fear has been preventing me from publishing. But this is the year. The year of the rising female. And I want nothing more than to lift as many women as possible toward maximizing their potential.

I’m working on building an intimate space for my fellow purpose-driven sisters, so keep your eye on this spot for details in the near future <3


You’ll be seeing the beautiful results of this shoot over the coming weeks and you can check out a few more on my Home and About pages for now and you can SHOP LEGGINGS here.

So gratefully,

Emily <3


Emily is an Artist, entrepreneur, and ambitious introvert who had to rethink her career plans when she married a military man.  She wrote Permission Granted to lift other purpose-driven women up on the journey to creating their ideal lives. 

Download the FREE eBook here!

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“Playa Seven” wall tapestries in Target!!

Well hello lovelies!!

Headed to Target this weekend?!

“Playa Seven” was chosen to be part of a Limited Edition Collection in TARGET and on!

I’m so freaking excited!! AND they’re only $25!!




With so much love and gratitude,


Emily <3

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Rodrick Duran’s new album + my art = dreamy <3

I’ve dreamt of my art on an album cover for a long time! Such a fun collaboration, and a wonderful artist to work with!

Now head over and get your groove on!

Click here to listen to Rodrick Duran’s “On My Way Home” on Spotify!

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Custom Wedding Fabric + Amazing Seamstress = Epic Results


So awhile back, I was contacted by the mother of a bride-to-be, inquiring about having some custom fabric painted to make a wedding dress with.  She sent me a few example shots and some color samples, and I took it from there.

I was so excited! What an honor to be asked to contribute such an important piece to her big day <3
And a few weeks ago, I got a surprise email from the mother with a bunch of wedding day pictures!
Turns out they planned all the wedding colors around the colors of the dress, which made for a very beautiful event! <3
The seamstress that crafted this fine piece is Marleen Van Aardt and her work can be found at
What a beautiful bride you are, Lauren! Thank you so much for allowing me to help with your magical day <3
If you are interested in custom wedding fabric or custom wedding sets of scarves or ties for your special day, hit me up! I LOVE making your vision come to life 😉 
Contact me HERE to let me know what you have in mind 🙂
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Emily Magone Partners with The Unity Closet to Support Education in Nepal

orange scarf, fall scarf, square scarf, fashion scarf

A few months ago, I was contacted by The Unity Closet with a request to join their design team for their latest collection of scarves.  So exciting!

The Unity Closet is a global social enterprise that collaborates with emerging designers with the goal of providing fundamental resources to educate youth in need. Read on:

“Our 2015 Collection features yet another curated design team but with a unified approach to help improve an overwhelming global concern affecting nearly every community in our world today: education for youth.We are proud to announce a special partnership with the international charitable organization, BuildOn – a 501(c)(3) non-profit focused on constructing primary school sin developing communities. This organization was the brainchild of current President and CEO, Jim Ziokowski, who was inspired after witnessing the grand opening of a school in Nepal during a backpacking trip.
The ultimate vision is leverage our upcoming, education-focused collection to fund the construction of a primary school in the outskirts of Nepal. Thanks to the BuildOn staff, their local connections with the Nepalese government and construction companies, we can bring this idea to life.”

So I embarked on the journey of designing a piece that would encompass the mission and message of both these organizations. I went through a few pieces before I decided on this one.

“Destiny” represents the path that is before each of us. While we can’t always see what lies ahead, the journey itself is beautiful.  The Autumn season has always brought about important, positive change and renewal in my life, and what could be a more important change than the access to education for a child who hadn’t previously been so fortunate?
I believe in maximizing our potential as humans – and when children aren’t given access to education, their ability to tap into that potential is weakened.  Every child should be afforded the opportunity to dream, and to fulfill their dreams, regardless of their location or circumstances in which they were born into.  Providing access to education allows a child not only to dream, but to act upon that dream and bring their unique gifts to the world. 
So, without further adieu, I proudly present the Destiny Scarf for The Unity Closet:

orange scarf, fall scarf, square scarf, fashion scarf
“Destiny” Scarf by Emily Magone

The United Nations has formally declared education as a basic human right, yet nearly 800 million people around the globe are unable to read or write.
Furthermore, over 40 percent of the world’s illiterate population lives in Southeast Asia. Among the countries most in need in the region, Nepal faces challenges in providing consistent education and resources to the nation’s youth.
A lack of education is the root of the world’s most significant problems: violence, discrimination, economic growth, and inability to facilitate change.
Throughout the next year, The Unity Closet aspires to raise approximately $30,000 to fund the construction of a school in the outskirts of Nepal.  Thanks to the BuildOn staff, their local connections with the Nepalese government and construction companies, we can bring this idea to life.
Click HERE to shop the 2015 Education Collection and to help bring this epic dream to fruition <3
As always, contact me with any questions!
With so much love and gratitude,
Emily <3
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VIDA Voices Showcase!

Got this fantastical email this week:

“Hi Emily,
We are delighted to inform you that you have been selected to be a part of the VIDA Voices showcase, which is being released to the public today.  Congratulations!!  You are part of a very select group of artists whose VIDA products can now be seen by everyone here:
Due to your talent, hard work and dedication to sharing your collection with your network and community, your work with VIDA has truly shined and stood out in the crowd.  We do hope that you continue to upload more images and be a VIDA designer with us for the very long term.  Thank you so much for being an integral part of VIDA Voices from the very beginning.  As we continue to grow, we will always be forever grateful for your role in helping shape VIDA Voices as we continue to expand.
Our deepest gratitude,
Team VIDA”

Thank you to all of you lovelies that have supported this project with your words and your wallets. I am so very grateful and honored. <3

Please make sure you check out the VIDA Voices Showcase page, there are some INCREDIBLE artists here that I am truly humbled to appear alongside.

With so much love and gratitude,

EM 🙂