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Be a better version of yourself…by sleeping.

Are you really sleeping enough?

How many hours do you typically sleep if you don’t set an alarm?

Not like on the weekend. Like if you did it consistently.

Try it for a week.

Start going to bed a half-hour earlier every night until you start to wake up just before your alarm goes off.

Learn how many hours your body needs, and then make it happen consistently.

I’m in a fortunate position in which I can make my own schedule. It took me a long time to accept that I need a full 8-9 hours in order to function at my best and be most productive.

I felt like I was being a lazy pile of shit.

But when it became apparent how shitty and wasted a day can be when not enough sleep is had, it actually is a waste of time to not get enough sleep.

We need to get past the idea that it’s some badge of honor to run on as little sleep as possible.

If you are sleep deprived, your productivity suffers, your creativity suffers, everything suffers.

It adds to stress, which leads to a hundred other health issues.

Some people require less than others.  Some require more.  Mine is 8-9.  Some people easily run off of 5-6.

So figure out what your sleep requirement is (when you tend to wake up naturally) and get it.

Your body and mind will thank you.

Emily is an Artist, entrepreneur, and ambitious introvert who had to rethink her career plans when she married a military man.  She wrote Permission Granted to lift other purpose-driven women up on the journey to creating their ideal lives. 

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10 ways to get back in tune (with nature AND yourself)

connect with nature, alignment, natural healing

1. Go for a walk (without music). Make a point to listen to just the sounds that the earth is making. The breeze blowing through the leaves and grass, the birds, the water if you’re near it.

2. Meditate. This doesn’t have to be difficult or even lengthy. Just silence everything for a minute. Listen to your soul. Your intuition. That is your Self speaking. She knows all the things. Trust her.

3. Touch the earth. Go outside barefoot and walk in the grass. Sink your toes-ies into the sand. Make a mud pie with your kids. Sit your ass in the creek. Really FEEL it.

4. Invite nature in. This can look many ways. Houseplants if you can keep them alive (I’m working on this), are aesthetically pleasing as well as cleansing to your air. An indoor water fountain. A beautiful piece of nature art. See what I did there? 😉

5. Plant a garden. It can be flowers, herbs, or a full on crop of vegetables if you have the time and patience. Flowers support our bee population (aka life) and bring so much beauty and joy to your space. If you go the veggie route, growing something from start to finish is incredibly satisfying, and it tastes so much better.

6. Get into it. Go kayaking. Go snowshoeing. Skiing. Hang gliding. The level of casual or extreme is up to you. But give yourself a perspective that you wouldn’t see otherwise, and be present in that moment.

7. Look up. The stars are incredible. Our universe is vast, and we can only see a tiny fraction of what it holds. If you can’t see them, make a plan to get somewhere you can for a weekend. You won’t regret it.

8. Pay attention to the details. The veins on the leaves. The subtle color changes in a flower petal. The beautiful textures and variations of the tree bark. The perfect spiral in a sea shell.

9. Start a fire. Safely, of course. Build a firepit in your backyard. Have a fire on the beach. Go camping and cook your food over the flames. There are few things as wonderful as listening to the crackling of a fire, watching the flames and feeling the warmth on your face. Mmmmhmmm.

10. Take it off. And by this, I mean skinny dip. At least topless. Bonus pleasure points if there’s a nice warm breeze. Throw both hands in the air and revel in your Goddess-ness.

Do YOU have any ideas to add to this list? Tell me about them in the comments! I would LOVE to hear from you.


Wanna go deeper? Check out Permission Granted : How to Create the Life You Want to Live. You can download the entire eBook for free below!

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A Story of Healing

Sometimes, I get the most beautiful notes from my Collectors. This one was particularly important to me, as it demonstrates something very meaningful to me, and the kind of healing that I want to foster for those that view my work.

The Collector’s name and artwork title have been withheld for his privacy.

“This is uncomfortable to say…I have seen and been through things that no human being should. I have been to Afghanistan, Bosnia and other countries…I have been shot at, mortared and almost blown up more times than are ok. I don’t say this as a badge of courage, but as a prelim to say that our piece of Emily’s artwork is my center. When I wake up in the middle of the night covered in sweat, I go to the bathroom…I see it on the wall above the tub and it calms me, it soothes me. It reminds me that there is beauty and good in the world…and all is well.” – An Appreciative Collector

PTSD is a serious issue that millions of people face, and there are several methods of attempted treatment. Knowing that I can bring a little slice of peace to one survivor means the absolute world to me.

I am so grateful.


View all healing art here.

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on the basics: hydration

Greetings, beautiful.

I just want to make sure you’re drinking enough water.


Like drinking it all day.

I’m serious.

I’m baffled when I see grown-ass adults runnin’ around drinking Monsters and shit.

You think it’s going to give you the boost you need, but in reality it is sucking the life force from your body. Literally. Dehydrating the fuck out of you.

And don’t get me started on all the other sugar-sauce the food industry is trying to entice you with.

Something like 80% of people in America aren’t as hydrated as they should be.

The majority of the things that are making you feel like shit right now could be cured with regular hydration.


Headaches? Drink some fucking water.

Tired all the time? Drink more water.


Dizzy and loopy? Seriously. Drink the fucking water. It’s free.

This is basic shit.

As an incredible, empowered woman, you know this.


And if you didn’t, now you do.

So get yourself a sweet ass high-quality water bottle that you love carrying around and putting your mouth on.

Need some flavor? Shove some mint, lemon or strawberries in there too.

And then fill it up with the life nectar, over and over again until your skin is as glowy as your soul <3