On September 7th of last year, I officially opened my Etsy shop for business.  I had my first order within a few hours, and it has been steadily growing since.  I noticed a few days ago that I was getting close to 100 sales in the shop, and I thought it would be really rad if I hit 100 sales on my 1-year anniversary.  But I didn’t think it would actually happen.  Lo and behold, I wake up this morning to my 100th sale.  What a lovely way to celebrate! 🙂

Thank you, Etsy, for providing such a magnificent platform for those of us that wish to create our own paths in life.  The feeling of freedom and accomplishment compares to nothing else I have done career-wise and I am forever grateful. 

Today was also Saturday, which happens to be my favorite day of the week for creating!  It just feels like there are more hours in Saturdays… so I like to maximize them of course 🙂 Today I finished this painting,

painted two Antelope Canyon pillows for a customer in Texas, 

 painted this custom peony pillow for a fellow overseas customer,

AND sewed up another maxi skirt prototype, which has turned out to be the best one yet.  I think the wrap style is going to be my go-to for this project.  Full, flexible, easier to stretch and paint, the list goes on.  Pictures of the result soon!

Thank you to everyone who has made this first year of love art will travel possible for me.  The customers, the followers, the supporters, the muses, the loves.  It all is just so splendiferous. It makes me feel like this (minus the two people becoming one part…you don’t make me feel like that):

So one of my fabulous customers requested a pillow that was based on this painting: 
Antelope Canyon 2 by Emily Magone

What a fabulous idea!  Here is how it turned out!  I think it’s quite delicious 🙂

Head on over to the Etsy shop to get one of your very own! I would LOVE to see this on a grey or white sofa… 🙂

So a long time ago I had an idea that I wanted to paint scarves with a black silhouette of a woman, and a reversed or inverted flower as her dress or skirt.  I hadn’t gotten to it yet, but then today I saw this picture on my feed.  It is like my vision, but in real life. And even more beautiful than I had envisioned.  It is also fabulous inspiration for the eventual photography of the maxi skirts 🙂 Deliciously inspired scarves coming soon!

On another joyous note, my new scale arrived today!  For those shopping for a fabulous home shipping scale, this one is the American Weigh Scales SE-50 Ship Elite Black Low Profile Shipping Scale with Backlit LCD and 110-Pound Capacity.  This scale was a great deal, was a snap to set up, and I love it because it can hold up to 110 lbs. and the reader is separate from the scale itself so any sized package can be placed on it without blocking your sight of the reader.  Click on the linked title and you can read all the necessary specs for yourself!  
For those of you considering getting a home scale in general, I highly recommend it.  It is a QUARTER of the cost to print your own shipping labels versus taking your packages to the post office and letting them do it for you.  It is a massive savings and any scale you get will pay for itself very quickly.  DOOO IIIIITT.

My fabulous brother-in-law came to visit from Italy over the holiday weekend, so we went to London for the day of course! We got very lucky in the weather department, as it was a cloudless 70 degrees all day 🙂 Rare for London. It was a fabulous day of touristy sights, tea, Borough Market deliciousness, ales and family frolicking!

On another exciting note, the “Alice” painting is now available as a canvas print as well as a paper print in my Etsy Shop!

I hope you’re all having a fabulous Labor Day Weekend! And CHEERS to everyone who is at the Gorge enjoying the amazing Dave Matthews Band this weekend! I am there with you in spirit!

Coming soon… delicious silk adornments for your melon!

So this little friend got stuck in my studio yesterday.

And then his little friend got stuck in my studio today.

I don’t know how, as I have been keeping my window shut due to the ridiculous amount of flies that are out the last couple of weeks.  But I’m glad they did, as it has caused me to stop what I’m doing and appreciate the little moment of beauty before going paparazzi on them and then opening the window to free them.  

Perhaps this pattern will progress and I’ll find a little baby deer in my living room one morning.  As pasty as I’m getting living in England, I could easily be mistaken for Snow White at this point I’m sure.

Meanwhile, I put a delicious new design in the shop today! 
Purple Geometric Scarf Handpainted on Silk Habotai
Skip on over to the Etsy shop and check it out! Woohoo!
“Finally” by Christine Sutherland

Greetings lovelies!  My amazing and talented friend and mentor Christine Sutherland is hosting an incredible Painting Workshop in the South of France September 1-7, 2014.  I’m telling you now because its going to fill up quickly and you need to get on board!  See brochure below for details!

“Around and About” by Christine Sutherland

“Dance for Me Lily” by Christine Sutherland

“Plumeria Blues” by Christine Sutherland

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact either of us, or post in the comments below! 

I love the smell of pumpkin, the sound of wood crackling on the fire, the crunch of leaves under my feet, the crisp, cool air, the smell of wood smoke, the gorgeous changing leaves, and everything else delicious that comes with autumn.  Today, with my wood-wicked pumpkin candle crackling and the cool air flowing through my studio, I felt that oh-so-welcome feeling of fall rolling in.  

I also love the days I get to spend the whoooooole day in the studio.  I got two more maxi skirt prototypes done and am feeling much better about the potential of that line of art!  I also got a couple new designs going, one on the super-soft fabric that will be delicious for fall, and another on silk that I’m going to be offering in various colors and patterns.  

Cuddly smooth poppy field in a storm

Geometric style

Keep an eye out for the new designs to be available in the shop over at! Also, don’t forget about the Back to School Sale in the shop as well!  Just use the coupon code NERDYNERD through September 20th for 20% off all orders!

What do YOU love about fall?  Post your comments below!

 I have been fantasizing about making this pillow for some time.  And I finally had time to this weekend! It turned out just like I imagined.  Joy!  Want me to make you one too? Click here 🙂

**Originally posted August 13, 2013**

Let’s talk about time management!  I’m an organizational freakshow (as recognized by others as well as myself).  I can’t imagine not being this way – all the time that would be wasted!  Gah!  

Anyway, being anally organized and a diligent multi-tasker has helped me accomplish a multitude of things in a short span of time.  I refer to life in general as well as my day-to-day schedule.  And it has been absolutely vital in getting a business off the ground!  

So I thought I might share a few of the basic things that help me maximize the hours in the day and allow me to go to bed feeling like I made significant progress.

1.  Get Enough Sleep!  
This may sound strange to list first, but it is all-important.  If you are sleep deprived, your productivity suffers, your creativity suffers, it all suffers.

Plus it is generally unhealthy and adds to stress, which leads to a billion other health issues.  Some people require less than others.  Some require more.  Mine is 8-9.  Some people run off of 5-6.  I did that in college.  No more. So figure out what your sleep requirement is (when you tend to wake up naturally) and get it.

Your body and mind will thank you.

2.  Lists Are Your Friend!
If you don’t like lists, think they are nerdy or for forgetful people only…please revisit the idea.  You can make lists for everything.  Long-term goals, short-term goals, running ideas, the sequence of events that need to happen before said goal can be reached, what you need to accomplish tomorrow or this week, what can wait until next month, etc.  The list goes on!  

It is a gratifying feeling to check things off your list.  It is solid, tangible proof that you are making progress and getting that much closer to your goal.  Proof that you are getting shit done.

3.  (Smart) Multitask
What I mean by ‘smart’ multitasking is, don’t do as much crap as possible at the same time just because you can, i.e. reading/applying makeup/shaving your legs while driving.  

Pair up the things that make sense together in order to maximize your time.

For example:
I will save things that I need to listen to (seminars, panel discussions, audio workshops, etc.) for when I am working on something that requires my visual attention but not my full concentration (ironing, gessoing canvas, hemming, big color washes, doing dishes, etc.).  

I save things that I need to watch (tutorials, presentations, etc.) for when I am sitting down eating. 

I keep multiple projects going at once, and work on them in stages.  This way I can always be moving forward with one of them, while the others are drying or setting or doing whatever it is they need to be doing.  

It can sound maddening, but it keeps everything flowing throughout the day and I don’t feel like my time is being wasted by menial tasks (like dishes).

4.  Prioritize.
Here I don’t mean just in order of deadline.  That is obvious.  I’m talking about life in general.  That is why I mentioned sleep first.  Your health is of utmost importance.  

If you are not taking care of yourself, you will not be living to your fullest potential, nor will you be creating to your fullest potential.  Or doing anything to your fullest potential.  

So put the best food possible in your body, move and strengthen that body, and sufficiently rest that body.  Easy peasy.

Now that you are taken care of, make sure those around you are taken care of as well.  

For me, this means dividing my daily tasks into “In Studio” and “Out of Studio”tasks.  

While my hubby is at work, I do all of my “In Studio” tasks.  Painting, packaging, sewing, constructing, rinsing, setting… all things production-related.  

Once my hubby gets home and we have cooked and eaten a tasty dinner together, I plop down next to him on the couch and set to work on all my “Out of Studio” tasks.  Writing, emailing, responding, blogging, marketing, promoting, posting, researching, photo editing…all things promotion and development-related.  

I also make sure to stop and take a nice cuddle break with my furry four-legged babies a couple times throughout the day. Very important 🙂 

So here’s what a typical day of mine looks like:

8:00-8:30 – Out of bed
Quick scan of email to check for anything urgent or new orders while eating fruit or drinking a smoothie.
Workout. Shower. Eat again.

In Studio by 9:30-9:45, snack on nuts, jerky or fruit throughout.
Work til hubby gets home for lunch at 11:30, break for lunch.

12:30 – Back in studio, snack at about 2:30 or 3:00, back in studio.

4:30-5:00 – Hubby home, prep for dinner, eat.

5:30-6:00 – Begin “Out of Studio” tasks, work until 10:00-11:00 pm, then to bed.


Weekends are a bit more lax of course, and other tasks and situations are inserted as necessary and desired.  

If its sunny out, I will frolic in it.  

If a friend calls, I will stop and reconnect.  

If someone stops by, I have a visit over tea.  

If my dog eats too much grass and barfs on the floor, I stop and clean it up.

And so on.  

Obviously, this schedule will not suit everyone.  But it all comes back to the time management.  You are in control of your time, so make the most of it.  

If you have a dream and a set of goals, you are the only person that can get you there.  

Take care of yourself, organize your thoughts and goals, multitask well and prioritize in all areas of your life.  

Whatever you are hoping to achieve, it is in your power to make it happen. 

What are your best time management tips? Tell me in the comments below!

**Originally posted August 11, 2013**

Today we woke up and the hubby decided we needed to go on an adventure to the beach to take advantage of the little sun we have left for the year here in England.  So we packed a little backpack and headed off to Felixstowe, a lovely little beach town an hour away.  There also happened to be a carnival going on this weekend, which made for lots of extra people and cars.  We also discovered that dogs aren’t allowed on the beach May-September, much to our dismay, since England is normally a very dog-friendly place.  So we just walked allll the way down to the edge of town until dogs were allowed on the beach and posted up on our little blanket, had some snacks, and enjoyed the sun and sounds of the waves.  It was nice because there were hardly any people down the beach that far, too.  Above is Scarlet, my typically un-photogenic beagle-lab-whippet baby, enjoying her day as well.  

England has some really lovely seaside towns that we need to take advantage of more often.  We forget that we are only an hour away from all of them!  For an early dinner, we stopped at a cafe with outside seating and had some fish and chips.  Turns out its like an entire fish with just as many chips.  Enormous.  We had haddock rather than cod, which is the norm, but the haddock is slightly sweeter and more flavorful than cod and I liked it better 🙂 Top that off with a glass of Carlsberg the size of my arm, and I was ready for a nap.

Hooray for sun!

**Originally posted August 11, 2013**

So last month I decided to launch a little contest to engage my Facebook audience.  I asked for submissions of design ideas so that I could choose a winner based on which design I thought I could turn into the coolest scarf.  

The July winner was Anika Huth, whose design idea was “A big tree with a woman’s body incorporated into the trunk of it. With a huge full moon in the background with colors of a really intense sunrise or sunset and out of the branches and leaves there are splatter marks like you messed up but you didn’t because there are birds flying away from the branches and coming out of it which actually shows that the birds were the design to begin with… like the birds were all sitting in the tree making the tree and once they all started flying away there would be no tree at all!”  

Phew!  It sounded right up my alley, so this was the one I chose!  Here’s how it turned out:  

Thank you Anika for providing the inspiration, and congratulations on winning the July contest!  You can all head on over to my Facebook page here and get your ideas ready for the next month’s contest!

I’m also working on a little personal project to commemorate our trip to and my love for Norway this week! Everywhere we went, I collected little maps and guides and whatnot to cut up and use in it.  Once I got home and did the cutting, I glued them all down, taped off the area that will stay white, and then knifed a layer of crackle paste over random areas.  Once the paste dries, I’ll be putting down several layers of thin colored glaze to create a very textured mixed media piece in the color scheme of the Norwegian flag 🙂 

Here it is with the paste drying.  In a couple days, the glazing begins! I’m pretty pumped about it.