This was one of those pieces that came to me in a dream.

A forest reflected into the sky, undulating with deep blues.

No sound but that of the thick mist settling amongst the trees.

A world in which nature speaks louder than all else, while saying nothing.


Rush 350dpi smaller



20″ x 24″

Acrylic and Fibrous Paper on Canvas

© Emily Magone


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“Rush” is available as prints, leggings and pillows.


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Love and gratitude,


Emily <3

My Gram was a gardener extraordinaire. #tuberousbegonias and #lilacs were my faves. #loveyougram #happywomensday 

Tattoo by David Poe of Moon Tattoo in Austin, Texas.

#springisnear #resilience #bound #itsallhappening #lookmomimkeepingplantsalive #gramissoproud

It’s time to let all the weight from the past go.

It’s all now simply the story that got you to where you are right now.

Don’t let it hold you back. Allow it strengthen your acceleration forward.

Go into this next phase with vigorous energy, creative power and a closer relationship and connection with yourself.

Set your intentions.

What do you want out of life? I mean REALLY want?

Visualize it.

FEEL what it feels like to have already accomplished it and received it.

What you give thought to has intense power. Especially on the new moon.

Focus your thoughts and energy on what you want to see manifested in your life.

Do NOT waste time and energy thinking about shit that you don’t want to happen, that you’re worried about, that you’re scared might happen, etc.

Do NOT give attention and power to what you don’t want.

You can look around you and think about everything you are grateful for.
Or you can look around and find all the things that you could complain about, or that could be better.

Whichever you choose, the universe will respond by sending you more of that.

So use your incredibly powerful thoughts accordingly.




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Emily <3

Did some more planting this weekend! 😆😍 #growallthethings #botanicalbliss 

I’ve dreamt of my art on an album cover for a long time! Such a fun collaboration, and a wonderful artist to work with!

Now head over and get your groove on!

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Would ya just look at that 😍 #neature #sanantoniobotanicalgardens #goldenspiral 

In LOVE with the new leggings!! 😍😍😍 #bound #emilymagone #thebodyisacanvas 

Exploring today 😍#sanantoniobotanicalgardens #springisnear #neature 

This piece. Where do I even begin. It has been living and breathing in my mind for so long now, I can’t believe it’s finally in physical form.

I took the picture that inspired this piece when we were home in NW Montana for our best friend’s wedding in August of 2012.

Lake Koocanusa – or the Res if you’re local – is one of the most magical places on earth.

And I’ve seen some epic nature on these travels.

When I witnessed the unexplainable beauty of Norway, I understood why our ancestors settled here. Nothing else they had seen across the North American continent would have come close to the beauty of their motherland, until they reached the mighty peaks and water bodies of NW Montana.

It took me a long time to realize how fortunate I was to grow up in such unspoiled surroundings.

Luckily for me, it has imprinted my soul and is the root of my inspiration.

This scene; lolling on a boat in the middle of the lake, dusk approaching, total silence but the water gently lapping at the boat and a few happy birds singing to each other…this is bliss.

Those moments of joy, peace, gratitude and oneness with nature.

Remembering that we ARE nature and we are OF nature.


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Those are the moments I paint.

Completing and sharing this particular piece with you feels like coming full circle.

I left my hometown thinking that my dream of being a full time artist would never actually happen. To pursue other things because I was meant to do other things.

But it just happened in a different way than I thought it would. And what an incredible journey it’s been so far.

This piece is culmination, it is ancestry, it is home, and it is gratitude in painting form.

Cheers to you, my sweet Montana. You are cherished and appreciated <3

Now it’s time to share the love.


Scroll down to the comments and tell me about the most in-tune with nature you’ve ever felt.

Share a pic and tell me a story about that place in nature that you feel immense love for.

And if you’re into it, why not embody that place in a magical painting?


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“Backyard” Commissioned Triptych © Emily Magone





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Emily <3


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