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We lost my little Grampa today. 91 years he spent on this earth, doing everything he possibly could to make the lives of those he loved better. 91 years of being the most selfless person I’ve ever met, giving everything of himself so that his family could be happy and safe. I’ve never known a more generous and loving person, and I could not be more proud of him, and I could not be more proud to be his blood.

His favorite thing to say to me was ‘oh babe, I’m so proud of you I could just burst’. He always wished he could do more, provide more, take all pain and problems away from everyone that he loved. I’m so lucky. We are all so lucky that we got to have him. He made it 91 years without disease, without cancer, without dementia…not so much as a hospital visit all the way through the end. He didn’t want anything but Oreos and milk the past few months, until he stopped eating even those a couple of weeks ago. Unless there was gravy. He would never pass up the gravy.

Once you’ve experienced one severe loss, you try to mentally prepare yourself for any that you know are going to come eventually. I’ve been trying to mentally prepare for this one for about 16 years, more so in the past few months as he declined to a frail 72 pounds couldn’t muster the strength to even venture outside the house. But no matter the preparation, there is nothing that stops a heart from breaking. The phone call comes and you clutch your chest with one hand and your stomach with the other, trying to keep your heart and lungs from exploding out of you. You can’t breathe or speak, just sob until your body has nothing left to express. When you slowly emerge from the haze you sit in silence for awhile. And then you have to let people know. So you cry more, you tell stories, and the language brings you back to the present.

And then you realize what abundance truly means. That we are equipped as humans to feel so much.  The good and the bad create an experience that is so full. Full of everything.

How grateful I am to have and experience such epic levels of love that I can be caused such epic levels of pain.  On a day of such mourning and heartbreak, I am also filled with so much love and gratitude that I was given this man as my Grampa in this life. One who was an example of what a man should be, without even trying. His nature was pure love, kindness and generosity. Not to mention he was the most adorable man on earth.

I love you, my sweet Gpa. You have helped to mold the person I am today and there aren’t enough thanks in the universe worthy of everything you’ve done for me. Until we meet again, I’ll carry you with me. <3

Ivan Bernie Enger


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“Playa Seven” wall tapestries in Target!!

Well hello lovelies!!

Headed to Target this weekend?!

“Playa Seven” was chosen to be part of a Limited Edition Collection in TARGET and on!

I’m so freaking excited!! AND they’re only $25!!



They’ll be available for the next 7 weeks only, so get on it if you likey!!


With so much love and gratitude,


Emily <3

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2018 Art Calendars are here!



12 high-quality 11″ x 17″ art prints + 1 surprise cover print have been lovingly chosen to bring beauty to your wall through 2018!

Each month includes a tiny painting of the new moon and the full moon to illustrate the dates of each in that particular month.




Cover – “Bound” & “Vast”
January – “Rush”
February – “Possibility”
March – “Luscious”
April – “Transform”
May – “Ascension”
June – “Soothe”
July – “Backyard”
August – “Awakening”
September – “Leaves”
October – “Afterburn”
November – “Nebula Seven”
December – “Dream Wood”

Each calendar is wrapped, protected and packaged and INCLUDES hanging hardware (clamp + nail)!


Pre-Order NOW through October 31st!

Pre-Order Price : $25 or two for $40
After November 1st : $30 or two for $50

These are going to make beautiful gifts for your loved ones (and for yourself!)

Pre-Orders will ship on NOVEMBER 15TH.

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new art!



Awakenings don’t always happen in the light.

Some happen in the deepest dark. The darkness that you find by going deep within yourself. Not all darkness is evil, of course. Sometimes it comes with solitude, silence, reflection and even surrender.

Like sunlight opens the flower, this darkness can initiate a natural evolution of ourselves.  An opening of the heart and mind. This darkness allows you to see beauty you would never otherwise see, the color and light that isn’t visible until the sun disappears.




Layers and layers of copper leaf, acrylic paint and acrylic inks set in layers of clear gloss pouring medium.  Available on Leggings too!



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Download your FREE print!

Good Morning 8x12

Download a FREE HiRes digital print of "Good Morning" now!

Once downloaded, you can use this file as a digital background, print it at home or take it to your local printer to have it printed on beautiful paper, canvas or any other surface they offer!

The file size is set to print up to 12" x 8".
I recommend a Satin or Lustre photo paper for the best results.

Snagging your free print will subscribe you to my twice-monthly email updates, giving you inside access to the studio, works in progress, sales, events, and first look at new works!



once you subscribe, you'll have access to these two FREE mini-guides!

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The endless search for the ‘perfect’ job

Along with art, I always had a strong desire to serve others. When I thought art school didn’t seem to be my destiny, I chose the human services path instead.

I had countless jobs, internships and volunteer positions throughout college and graduate school, and I really did love them all, but I always got restless, bored or otherwise dissatisfied about 6 months to a year in.

I had many people over the years make comments to me along the lines of ‘you don’t seem like the type that works for someone else.’

What that looked like in my head at the time was that I’d be starting my own nonprofit at some point.

After Peace Corps, I realized that wasn’t what I wanted. I had spent so many years looking for the ‘perfect’ job at the ‘perfect’ organization – one where I wouldn’t eventually grow dissatisfied. But that was never going to happen.

I needed to create my perfect job myself. So I did. You can too, trust me.


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Love and gratitude,

Emily <3

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Norwegian Dream

The morning I woke up in the middle of Geirangerfjord in Norway marked a shift in my art.

I’d been dreaming of being in that exact spot for so many years.

It felt like coming home in a way that no other place had in all my travels.

I felt a connection with my ancestors that I wasn’t expecting…it dawned on me why they had settled where they did.

Nothing had come close to the beauty of home until they arrived in Western Montana.

That trip to Norway brought clarity to my work, and made me realize what was most important to me to communicate.

It’s all about the epic nature, baby.


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Love and gratitude,

Emily <3